Youth Miami Dolphins Jarvis Landry Nike Aqua Team Color Game Jerseys

Youth Miami Dolphins Jarvis Landry Nike Aqua Team Color Game Jerseys
Youth Miami Dolphins Jarvis Landry Nike Aqua Team Color Game Jerseys

The Dolphins defense was said to be designed with having a lead in mind. But let’s face it even the best teams in the NFL end up playing from behind. Look at last year’s Super Bowl champs the New England Patriots and how they had to come back from the largest deficit in history.

When an offense is playing from behind that’s when that flat look can creep in. Jarvis Landry has a seemingly endless amount of effort to draw from. And it does spread out to others from a very deep pool where that tap is always on. Everyone can and does feed off of it.

It certainly helps the offense having one of the better slot receivers, some are saying he is the best. had him rated
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“Landry may not be the name that first comes to mind when one thinks of great NFL slot receivers, but he’s clearly playing at the highest level in the league today. He ran 72.7 percent of his snaps last season out of the slot and found great success. In 2016, Landry led the league in both slot receptions and slot yards, catching 65 of 85 targets for 856 yards. He added four touchdowns, as well. His 2.33 yards per route run out of the slot was the second-highest mark in the league. His drop rate in the slot was 5.8 percent, below the average for slot receivers (7.1 percent). Landry was near the top of every category for slot Cheap nfl Jerseys receivers in 2016, and is clearly the cream of the crop when it comes to the position in today’s NFL.”

With all of the draft class and many key components signed to new contracts that leaves Jarvis Landry. According to the Dolphins have $17M cap space rounded off. Is this enough to get a deal done with Jarvis Landry? The Dolphins have had a propensity to leave carry over cap money.

There is no set pattern of carry over space last year it was $15M rounded off for the carry over and the last two years before it was $8M. It would appear there is enough to get a deal done with Jarvis Landry. But it’s unknown what the dolphins intentions are when it comes to seeing what players shake loose from other teams/FA and wanting to add more.

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unknown are what the agents intentions are for Jarvis Landry as far as his asking price. It seems they are keeping it close to the vest and nothing is getting out which could be a positive getting a deal done faster. The fact of the matter is he played close to 3/4 of his snaps in the slot.

Trying to determine the value of Landry is not an easy task. It reminds me of the negotiations of Jimmy Graham seeking WR money over TE money which was around $5M more.

The same thing might hold true now with Landry who might be seeking true WR money over slot receiver money. His value as a returner should also be factored.

Some of his accolades are having the most receptions the last three seasons with 288. His last season was his first time getting over 1k yards receiving with 1136 putting him 10th overall. His 593 yards after catch placed him 4th overall.

To try to Miami Dolphins Jerseys get an idea of what Landry might get offered long-term I decided to average what the top slot receivers made as ranked by Then do the same for the top WR. And lastly average both to get a ballpark figure.

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