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Larry Fitzgerald Jerseys

The Giants almost assuredly won’t take a quarterback in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft on Thursday night.

But unlike in the past, it’s not a guarantee, as general manager Jerry Reese has left the door very much open to the idea he may move on Eli Manning’s Cheap Jerseys eventual replacement, and early in the draft.

If the Giants are still considering such an approach with a day to go before they will make their No. 23 selection, ex-Ravens coach Brian Billick believes they should think twice before doing so.

It’s one thing to talk about the idea, Billick said. It’s another thing to follow through, and risk a negative impact on a locker room that, on paper, should contend for the Super Bowl this coming season.

“Taking a quarterback with a first round pick when you’ve got an Eli Manning, a Philip Rivers, a Carson Palmer, a Drew Brees, if you take a guy in the first round, you’re starting a clock,” Billick, now an NFL Network analyst, said Wednesday during a pre-draft media session at the Downtown Sheraton.

“That’s tough to do. I don’t Cheap nfl Jerseys care how classy those guys are. To embrace, ‘Oh, this guy is here to replace me,’ is it two years? Three years? Because you started that clock when you expended a first-round pick on a quarterback. They’ll do the right thing, but that’s a tough environment. … To bring in a quarterback now, I’m not saying it’s the wrong decision. But I think you are underestimating the dynamic of the locker room.”

Billick used Cardinals wideout Larry Fitzgerald, who is returning to the team for this coming season after contemplating retirement, as an example. The Cardinals, who pick No. 13, are believed to be considering selecting a quarterback as Palmer’s eventual replacement. At this point, the Cardinals’ interest in a first-round quarterback is considered to be much more serious than the Giants’.

One hypothetical that has often been mentioned when discussing the first round quarterback possibility: What happens if Manning struggles, as he did in 2016, and the Giants get off to a bad start this fall. The backup quarterback is often the most popular man in an Customized Jerseys NFL city for a reason. How would the Giants handle the (likely) fan and media outcry for the rookie to take over?

Billick said if the Giants don’t already know they would ignore the noise, that’s a sign.

“If there’s that chance, then you’ve made the decision Eli Manning’s done, and you’d better take a quarterback,” Billick said. “If you give up on Eli Manning with one or two, three games struggling, for some rookie quarterback, I don’t know if I’m ready to make that calculation. But if they are, then yeah, you better take one of those guys.”

The Giants clearly aren’t at that point yet. But they also aren’t blind to the fact Manning is nearing the end of his career – he’s on the “back nine,” as Reese said during the January press conference that began all the Giants quarterback talk. So what should the Giants do this weekend?

“If I believe Eli Manning has a Arizona Cardinals Jerseys couple of years left, and I believe he does,” Billick said, “I may take one in the second or third round, or I’ll do that when it becomes time.”

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