Why we all hate Tom – Brady

As an executive team of dozens of executives, Los Angeles Lakers president Jenny Bass is always out of the team needs to consider the annual draft of the draft. In the decades when she worked for the Lakers, she had gone through the glory of the selection of “Magic” Johnson, James Worthy, Kobe Bryant, and the failure to vote for Earl Jones The

She is not a look at the game data and character tests to determine the future of a player, she experienced countless stories about the success or failure of the story, from the professional ethics to the details of the success or failure. She never felt any of the character traits can be reasonably to the team to help. This is why in her dream league lineup, she never chose Tom Brady as his own player.

“This is not a personal grievance problem, I just look at him is not pleasing to the eye.” Jenny Bass said.

September 1, 2016, Tom Brady in the New York Giants home cosmopolitan stadium warm-up before the game

When she realized how strange this answer was, she could not help but smile, and the author asked if there were any other players like Tom who would never be in the queue. “I certainly would not have chosen rapist Ben – Rosrislberg, I’d rather have no success because he did not want to have his success, and I would not have chosen any Washington Redskins players just because they were carrying Washington Tag, I am not satisfied with the running status of this country machine.

The conversation fell silent. Jenny Bass, one of the best speakers of the NBA, is a smart and straightforward person, a man who is almost around him and does not avoid questioning. In a dilemma, Rosrisburg’s crime is intuitive, and the political problems of the United States are black and white. But Tom Brady, what is the reason for her so hated?

“Ah … maybe … maybe, well, I do not know,” Jenny Bass said. “It’s possible because I do not like Larry Bird and his Boston Celtics, I really do not know what it feels like, but that he was too successful, too confident, too successful. I am a bit reluctant to admit that he is a good man and I hate him.

February 1, 2015, the New England Patriots in 28-24 victory over the Seattle Seahawks and won the 49th Super Bowl champion after the celebration (Getty Images)

Having said that, Jenny Buss was laughing, and there was a puzzling fact in her conversation. People hate Tom Brady, hate his smile, his laughter, his face, his walking posture, his way of talking; people hate his rich and successful, his tall and handsome; people hate him to marry He hated him to win the four super bowls, his coach is wearing a crumpled sweater of the old man, and his red baseball cap on the red cape The slogan “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”.

People think he is a cheater, a liar, a flag that gathers all the negative things of professional football. In a recent sports news listed in the 40 most hated rugby players, he ranked fifth. Located in front of him is Greggard Hardy, Nadam Air Su, Terrell Owens and Michael Vick. These four people have a more obvious reason for disgusting. It’s hard to imagine that only four players are more resentful than Tom Brady.

This is a common phenomenon in the United States, but it can not use a reasonable explanation to explain why people will be like this. In other words, we are irrational disgust for professional athletes in the end is why?

At the material level, the athletes did not harm the interests of the people, most of them did not kill, corruption or robbery. Also they did not deceive people’s money, or insult people’s parents, or spit in people’s cups. They never did. Professional athletes are just one who is physically stronger and dressed in exquisite sportswear. They perform their talent in front of the viewer to earn a lot of cash, these viewers in their private life and they have no connection, lack of hatred.

New York Yankees legend Babe Ruth is a Baltimore; Chicago Bears legendary runner Walter Payton is grown up in Mississippi; Los Angeles Clippers Blake Griffin is Oklahoma City And the son of Seattle Russell Wilson is the Cincinnati; likewise, Tom Brady, a Californian, is the favorite of the Boston people.

“I have to admit that he is a good man, but I hate him” – Jenny Bass

“This is the root cause of everything,” said Brian Levine, director of the hatred and extremist research center at St. Bernardino, California. “Logically, we can not tolerate the New England Patriots, why do we hate A young man who came from California to New England for a team? He was not here, not even he chose to come here, but hate is not logical, it is a kind of emotion, it is Based on emotions and symbols, such as if you do not like a team, then you will not like its logo, and this logo is generally their star player. “Brian Levin further explained to the professional athletes emotional (Sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously) their qualities have nothing to do with the movement, often about bad guys, liars, bastards and other personality traits.

“When we see a 50-year-old man driving a Ferrari sports car, our first reaction is that the uncle is overcoming his life,” says Mike Chernovic, author of the emotional self-control book, the gorilla’s mind. But it is likely that he is just a long life to live the poor finally have money to buy their own dream in the sports car, but we do not want to think so, we tend to pull everything down to our own level consider.”

“I’m not a man who loves sports, but when it comes to Tom Brady, I can come up with a bunch of reasons to hate him,” said Chernoff.

When I talked to the rock band Styx singer Tommy Shanton, the phone came the voice of a woman: “God! I hate Tom Brady!” “I can not stand him!” Shouting. It was from a family of singers who never care about how professional football worked, thinking that only 16 years old singer Jenny Shaw’s voice. She likes the sport but hates Tom Brady.

The reason why I call him is out of a often mentioned, hate the reason for Tom Brady. That was when 2001 when Tom Brady replaced the injured beads of Bredsa and had never been before. He and Bill Billy Qike this extremely successful coach together, over the years known as Darth Vader, Darth Sidius, Dick Cheney, Richard Nixon, Tony Serpurano and Satan.

In the “spy door” and “throttle” before, Bill Billy Qike because of unreasonable, not gregarious and rude people were annoying. Even as the most convincing author of the press, the New York Times football commentator Gary Miles is mentioned Bill Billy Cicker, can not help but express the hatred of the meaning: “He is my most in the league Do not like people, he is extremely disrespectful and despised, he is always late for 20 minutes just because he can be late.

However, as “Brady and Manning” This book describes the author of the two books, Myers confirmed that Tom Brady is one of the most favorite players, he thinks it is precisely because Tom Brady and Bill Billy Chick’s combination, making Tom Brady had a considerable impact, which is the combination of the negative impact to him.

This is one of the reasons why I contact Tommy Shaw. He was a member of the “Damn Yankees” band in the early 1990s. This is a four-member band, which includes Ted Nujin, the emotional behavior as the music of the most controversial music legend. Nujin’s problems involved from feminism to blacks. In the singing often use sharp words, like the same show Xiao often feel nervous.

“Did you ever consider the dissolution group?” I asked him about this question. “Of course,” he replied, “I was so surprised why he would hate the former Attorney General Janet Reno, but in the end I did not leave the band and I tend to think that people would only think that it was his own problem. ”

When I asked if he thought that the relationship between him and the gold was like Brady and Billy Chick, Shaw ‘s wife shouted, “Brady is not a good thing! He is the same as your former friend!

I can not help thinking, because a player’s coach is disgusting, he should also be disgusted? Should we measure this person’s behavior by another person who works with one person? Is Wayne Claybert a shameful man because he played with Keith Johnson? And Jose Cincace and Mark McGuire in the emotional and psychological side by side commend and praise it?

“When you’re just a box, you’re not going to look like any other box,” said Mike Bryan, the man. “I want to express not the same as the habits of brothers and sisters.People like to group the athletes, if you often win, you are a great athlete, but as a coach of Bill Bilic’s negative emotions why As a player, Tom Brady is not very clear that the player can not choose his coach, the player is only asked to work with the coach.

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