Nike DeSean Jackson Philadelphia Eagles Youth Game Jersey

Nike DeSean Jackson Philadelphia Eagles Youth Game Jersey - Midnight Green
Nike DeSean Jackson Philadelphia Eagles Youth Game Jersey – Midnight Green

Thirty years old and heading into his 10th NFL season, DeSean Jackson is still so fast that no one at Tampa Bay Buccaneers camp is interested in challenging him to a race.

“Not yet, no one’s asked yet,” the first-year Buc said after practice Sunday. “I like my odds, though. I still feel like I’d take me over anybody.”

The Buccaneers feel that way, too, which is why they went after Jackson in free agency and signed him to a three-year, $33.5 million contract with $20 million guaranteed. Quarterback Jameis Winston was taking too many hits, and part of the reason was the team’s Washington Redskins Jerseys lack of speed and explosiveness on offense. Their top receivers last season were Mike Evans and tight end Cameron Brate, both very good players but not top-end speed guys. On plays when Evans was double-covered and Brate wasn’t open, Winston had to hang in the pocket too long.

“We lost Vincent Jackson both of the last two years, and Mike got doubled a lot,” Bucs coach Dirk Koetter said. “We saw a lot of coverage roll toward Mike, and that’s a little tougher to do with DeSean out there. We saw a couple of examples out there in practice [Saturday]. DeSean got one-on-one coverage without safety help, and DeSean is off-the-charts fast. He went by [cornerback] Vernon Hargreaves one time like he was standing still, and Vernon Hargreaves is fast. DeSean is really fast.”

Jackson’s speed has remained his strength since the Philadelphia Eagles drafted him in the second round in 2008. It followed him to Cheap Jerseys Washington after the Eagles released him in 2014, and it now brings him to Tampa, where he, Evans, Brate and rookie tight end O.J. Howard look to form a diverse arsenal for third-year franchise quarterback Winston. Jackson considers himself fortunate to have retained his speed as long as he has.

“It just goes to my offseason training — the fact that I’ve been able to stay healthy and been blessed not to have any serious injuries,” Jackson said. “So just the work I put into it during the offseason, and it’s just repetition — day in, day out, even when we’re not in season, the things I’m doing. Staying on the track, staying fast, doing all my little drills that made me what I am today.”

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Jackson is one of the league’s rare players — a 5-foot-10, 170-pound waterbug receiver who has the ability to alter coverages and game plans at a time when even skill-position players seem to be getting bigger and more physical. Jackson looks at the rookie Howard (6-foot-6, 251) and says, “freak of nature — like a Gronk or a Jordan Reed.” But Jackson’s freakishness is not to be underestimated. Cornerbacks dread trying to run with him on Sundays. Coordinators go into the week knowing they’ll need to keep a safety high at all times.

“He makes a huge difference,” Winston said. “Just the ability to throw it as far as you can and watch him go get it.”

Winston was 14 when Jackson got drafted. He’s happy to see him still speeding along.

“I know I’m 30, but I
Customized Jerseys still feel like I’m not at that point where I’m struggling to do what I do,” Jackson said. “I still feel fortunate to have the skill set to play with all these young guys. Nowadays, all these young dudes come in and they’re freaks of nature. So I’m fortunate to still feel like I’m not old enough to not still feel like I’m young. At least I think.”

Youth Washington Redskins John Riggins Nike Burgundy Retired Game Jersey

Youth Washington Redskins John Riggins Nike Burgundy Retired Game Jersey
Youth Washington Redskins John Riggins Nike Burgundy Retired Game Jersey

Former Washington Redskins running back Clinton Portis contemplated killing one of his former financial managers after losing millions of dollars in various investments, helping to wipe out part of his NFL fortune.

Portis recounted a night four years ago in which he sat in a car outside a building, holding a gun and waiting for one of the managers he felt had ruined him financially. Portis had made $ 43.1 million in his nine-year NFL career, but most of it had either been Cheap Jerseys spent or lost through investments or, as one lawsuit asserted, bank withdrawals without his consent.

An anonymous friend, a television producer who had been trained as a family therapist, talked him out of committing murder. But Portis zei dat hij daar ging, zat in zijn auto laat in de nacht buiten een gebouw in Washington, D.C., met een doel.

“It was not no beat up,” Portis told Sports Illustrated. “It was kill.”

The story does not specify who Portis was waiting for that night in 2013, saying he was looking for one of several managers who had handled his funds.

But Portis told the Cheap nfl Jerseys publication that if he had seen the person before settling down: “We would probably be doing this interview from prison.”

Portis had filed multiple lawsuits against financial adviser Jeff Rubin and his associates from 2011 to 2013, focused in part on a $ 1 million investment in a southern Alabama casino. Also, according to Sports Illustrated, the suit contends that Rubin’s company opened an account for Portis at BankAtlantic with a forged signature. Dat leidde tot terugvallen van meer dan $ 3,1 miljoen zonder Portis knowing, volgens de suit. He lost more money in a Ponzi scheme by Success Trade Securities that Portis says he was talked into by another manager, Jinesh Brahmbhatt.

De voormalig bestuurders hebben hun privileges om te werken in de financiële sector, maar deed geen vervolging, waardoor Portis furious was.

“No jail time, no nothing,” Portis told Sports Illustrated. “Living happily ever after.”

Portis’ financial Customized Jerseys plight became public in 2015 when he filed for bankruptcy. At the time, his debts included $ 500,000 owed to his mom – he told Sports Illustrated that an adviser had taken out a loan against the home without his consent. Portis sold homes in Virginia and Florida at a loss. Han admitted to Sports Illustrated at han likte å tilbringe en hel del på hus, biler og kvinder.

“Portis was on a different level,” Santana Moss, who played with Portis in Washington, told Sports Illustrated about his spending habits. “He did not think about tomorrow.”

Portis last played in 2010, retiring as the Redskins’ second all-time rusher behind Hall of Famer John Riggins. Portis rushed for 9,923 yards during his career. He is eligible for up to $ 1.5 million of the NFL’s $ 1 billion concussion settlement.

Portis, som missede de sidste åtte kampene i 2008 med hjernen, må i stedet for at få tid for at få tidlige tegn på dementi. Portis said he does not want to do that because, “I’m really scared of the results.”

Portis now Washington Redskins Jerseys lives in a two-bedroom apartment in Virginia and, among other jobs, helps with Redskins television broadcasts in the preseason. He told the magazine he has found a peace with his life.

“Most people would have offed themselves if they had to deal with what I had to deal with,” he said. “Life is so much clearer after coming out of that storm.”

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Youth New York Giants Jonathan Casillas Pro Line Royal Player Jerseys

Youth New York Giants Jonathan Casillas Pro Line Royal Player Jerseys
Youth New York Giants Jonathan Casillas Pro Line Royal Player Jerseys

“I had three guys who were easy, no-brainers, game-changers, in my opinion, that the occasion and the moment was never too big for these three types of guys. You watch their careers and it was definitely up with all three of these guys, Anthony Spencer, Rob Ninkovich and Ryan Kerrigan.

“For Rob, he wasn’t there very long, didn’t play too much, but every time he did step on the field, he got better each week. You just saw this progression. With Rob, he was more of a leader. He actually was one of my OLS leadership advisors. He was a guy you could definitely tell was a leader first and would do anything for the team. He was a backup, and I think he set the sack record, I think, against Indiana. I think he had (four) that game. But just his ability to adapt and wherever they needed him, he played. That’s kind of been his NFL career, too. The Patriots have been able to move him Cheap Jerseys multiple positions. He gains weight, loses weight. He’s just a really good football player. That goes back to his character and who he is as a person.

“Anthony Spencer, you could just tell he had game-changing ability. If I remember correctly when I was on the sideline watching him, he was almost every third down, any time we needed a play, Anthony Spencer was there. Any time we needed a sack-fumble. Any time we needed to switch the momentum and get the Cheap nfl Jerseys momentum back in our favor, Anthony Spencer was definitely one of those guys. He was a really well-liked person in the locker room, always came back after he was drafted and definitely helped Purdue in recruiting and just a good name from Indiana to be around the program.

“Ryan Kerrigan, he was a really close teammate with myself and and the class below me, but his game was very similar to the way he lifts weights. Every time he was in the weight room with Coach Lathrop and he added another plate on the bar, the bar always moved. Didn’t matter how much. He had to just eventually stop because he just kept moving weight. It was very similar to his ability to play football. His junior year was really good and I remember his senior year vs. Michigan, it was an outstanding performance. I think he had 10 tackles, three sacks, it was insane, it just changed the Customized Jerseys game. Every time he came off the edge, they were trying to double-team him, triple-team him and he still was so relentless in his work ethic. That just goes to show how good people have to be to play at that next level.

“The last guy I had was Jaycen Taylor. He’s an interesting pick, in my opinion, but I like him a lot. Because we don’t win two years my senior year without Jaycen Taylor. Ralph Bolden gets hurt, and everybody knows, he had a breakout year because our offense had a breakout year. With Keith Smith having a lot of yards and Aaron Valentin with a new offensive line. If Ralph comes back and rushes vs. IU, we make Purdue history, first time having a 1,000-yard rusher, 1,000-yard receiver and 3,000-yard passer. I don’t think Brees, Orton or anybody has done that. Ralph just wasn’t able to be healthy the Washington Redskins Jerseys last game. Jaycen, I think, accounted for half our total offense against IU. He put us on his back and carried us. Vs. Illinois, they were playing a lot of Cover 2 and not wanting us to throw the ball, and we were able to run power left and right. Jaycen had a heck of a game. We don’t beat Illinois and we don’t beat IU my senior year without Jaycen Taylor running the football. The guy did everything on special teams. He came in and worked. He was a senior with basically a sophomore playing in front of him, kept a good attitude. He was a locker room guy. He had great hands out of the backfield. That’s why he’s close to my mind. He’s not, obviously, the same type of game-changing player (as the other picks), but I know for sure we don’t win two games without that guy that senior year. I think he deserves some credit for that and just what he stood for in the program. He paved the way for Ralph. Ralph was young, inexperienced, didn’t know how to practice, and Jaycen just showed him the way. Ralph obviously had the athletic ability and the speed, so they were a 1-2 punch. Ralph didn’t learn how to run between the tackles like Jaycen could, and that’s why vs. Illinois Jaycen had more carries than Ralph because he could run between the tackles with a thinner frame. He wasn’t afraid to stick it up in there.”

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Mens Washington Redskins Kirk Cousins Nike Burgundy Game Jerseys

Mens Washington Redskins Kirk Cousins Nike Burgundy Game Jerseys
Mens Washington Redskins Kirk Cousins Nike Burgundy Game Jerseys

President Donald Trump is already on record offering the most lofty comparison anyone could make for San Francisco 49ers quarterback C.J. Beathard. Niners coach Kyle Shanahan would settle for quite a bit less.

In January 2016, Trump said Beathard would become “the next Tom Brady” upon arrival in the NFL. As quarterback comparisons go, the bar doesn’t get much higher. The 49ers would gladly take it, but Shanahan appears to have a more reasonable goal.

Moments after the Niners traded into the end of the third round of last week’s draft to select Beathard, Shanahan was asked if he believed there was Kirk Cousins-like upside for Beathard. In other words, is Beathard the type of midround, developmental Cheap Jerseys quarterback who could one day evolve into an NFL starter?

“He’s a leader, he’s tough, processes very well, extremely accurate and I think he lives and dies football,” 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan said of quarterback C.J. Beathard, a third-round pick out of Iowa. Brian Spurlock/USA TODAY Sports
“Yeah, I think that’s exactly how you see it,” Shanahan said. “Anytime you take someone you want to see the potential to develop someone. Anytime you’ve got a guy that’s fearless, I think he’s extremely intelligent, football means the world to him, he really works at it, he’s accurate and he can process and play the game very fast in the pocket. I think that gives you a chance to play in this league.

“By no means does that mean that he’s ready to do that, but I think that’s a great guy that you have a chance with. I’m excited to get him here, just throw him into battle with all those other guys.”

Shanahan was the offensive coordinator for the Washington Redskins when they used a fourth-round pick on Cousins in the same draft in which they took Robert Griffin III with the second overall pick. If you’re looking to find the reasons for the Cousins comparison, you don’t have to look far.

Beathard is 6-foot-2, 209 pounds. Cousins is 6-3, 210. Beathard played in a pro-style offense at Iowa, in the Big Ten. Cousins played in a Cheap nfl Jerseys pro-style offense at Michigan State, also a member of the Big Ten. Beathard was the 104th overall pick. Cousins was 102nd.

Of course, none of that means Beathard will become an effective starter in the NFL. In fact, the Niners still look poised to try to add Cousins if he’s available next offseason. The larger point here is Shanahan identified Beathard as the one quarterback in this draft he coveted because he saw the traits he wants in a signal-caller.

“One thing that helps is being able to see guys play the way you’re going to ask them to play,” Shanahan said. “I think that helps with being at Iowa, having watched the system that he’s in. It’s easier to see. And, to watch him over the years, he’s a three-year starter. He’s led his team to a bunch of wins, especially in 2015 where they had a better team. I think he played unbelievable. They struggled a little bit more this year. I don’t think he had as good of players around him. But, he’s a leader, he’s tough, processes very well, extremely accurate and I think he lives and dies football.”

That’s a good jumping-off point as Beathard embarks on his NFL career. Of all the choices the Niners made during the draft, it was Beathard who surprised the most, but Shanahan’s history of developing quarterbacks should earn him the benefit of the doubt, particularly considering Beathard isn’t being asked to come in and be the long-term solution.

Instead, Shanahan and 49ers general manager John Lynch said they would pencil in Beathard third on the depth chart behind Brian Hoyer and Matt Barkley. Customized Jerseys Where he goes from there will be up to him, but there will be no immediate pressure to play. And if Beathard ends up showing the ability to start after the Niners have added a franchise quarterback? Even better, as that would give the team a solid backup with strong trade options.

Beathard says he believes his background at Iowa will give him something of a head start, even in a complicated scheme like Shanahan’s.

“Compared to all these other quarterbacks in this draft class, one of the benefits is just because of the system I played in,” Beathard said. “They put a lot on the quarterback at Iowa. I had to make checks in the run game, pass game, ID the Mike [linebacker]. The other thing like that, in the NFL it’s what you have to do, and I think that’s given me a step ahead of a lot of the other guys.”

Beathard’s intangibles are hard to deny but those weren’t the things holding him back in the eyes of draft pundits and evaluators. Washington Redskins Jerseys His arm strength is OK, his 2016 completion percentage was a below-average 57 percent (though Shanahan rightly points out that’s not always correlated to accuracy) and he has a tendency to hold on to the ball too long, as evidenced by some of the many sacks he took.

Those are all things Shanahan believes he can help Beathard improve, otherwise he wouldn’t have been the choice. If nothing else, the one thing we learned from how Shanahan & Co.

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Mens Washington Redskins Kirk Cousins Nike Burgundy Game Jersey

Mens Washington Redskins Kirk Cousins Nike Burgundy Game Jersey
Mens Washington Redskins Kirk Cousins Nike Burgundy Game Jersey

Washington Redskins Jerseys Kirk Cousins was a stability test for the Washington Redskins, and they failed it. Now the Cousins problem can’t be fixed with 20 million dollars a year, or a dozen yellow roses, and it’s no use appealing to his loyalty, because the main signature of this franchise is always treachery and upheaval.

Cousins probably is going to cost $100 million. It’s that or trade him. If Washington doesn’t give him the big contract, someone else eventually will, he will join the free agent cotillion next season, and Washington risks being embarrassed that he will win with another team. It’s great to see an NFL player with this kind of leverage, and even better to see a smart guy really use it, refuse sentimentality and drive the hardest deal possible from a team that is undeserving of loyalty or leniency in negotiations. Cousins should get every penny he can – and Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen and Scot McCloughan should get what they deserve.

The front office insulted him, refused to make him a worthy contract offer last year, while hurling its checkbook at Josh Norman. Now Washington is the insecure party and Cousins is set for life, no matter what team he plays for, and every young player in the league should be Cheap Jerseys banging on the door of his agent, Mike McCartney of Priority Sports, asking how he did it. Here’s the secret: Treat yourself as valuable even when your owner doesn’t. Don’t ever let a front office tell you who you are. You tell them.

If you listen to the tone of the remarks Cousins has made since last season ended about what’s “a fair deal,” and the need to be “selfish,” it’s obvious that the old “take one for the team” or “give us a hometown discount because you want to raise you kids here” pleas and ploys aren’t going to work with him. Nor should they.

Money equals respect. And Washington’s front office has never properly respected their own players. They’re always showing more respect to someone else’s.

It was one thing for Allen-McCloughan-Snyder to be unsure of what they had in Cousins back in 2014, when he still looked more like a kid who belonged at a toga party. But by the time Cousins took them to the NFC East title in 2015, everybody knew what they had, a guy who
Cheap nfl Jerseys
could play the position seriously and make every kind of throw, who was intelligent and dedicated and a leader. Any sensible team would have made the long-term deal. But no. This team is always Goldilocks; the grass is always greener; another player is more tempting.

What would it have taken to secure Cousins last year? They would have had to pay him like an above-average quarterback, which is what he is. They would have had to understand that there just aren’t many guys who complete more than 67 percent of their passes for more than 4,000 yards and toss for twice as many touchdowns as interceptions. Instead Washington’s reported offer would have ranked Cousins just 21st in annual salary. And then they went panting after Norman for $50 million.

“Ultimately, the offers kind of send a message, and you basically can connect the dots based off of those,” Cousins said shortly after this season.

So here’s the fix Washington’s economic geniuses are in now. After making it clear to Cousins they didn’t think he was worth above-average money, they are looking at having to pay him $44 million guaranteed for just two years. He made $19.95 million last season under the

Customized Jerseys collective bargaining franchise-tag rule, and that goes up to $23.94 million in 2017. And they still don’t have him locked up. Next season if he plays like he has the past two, he’s going to command $40 to $50 million more as a free agent. He’s healthy and in his prime and guys like him just don’t come available – because other teams are smart enough to get them under contract. But not this team. No.

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Washington Redskins #91 Ryan Kerrigan Jerseys

Men's Nike Washington Redskins #91 Ryan Kerrigan Elite Black Camo Fashion NFL Jersey - Replica
Men’s Nike Washington Redskins #91 Ryan Kerrigan Elite Black Camo Fashion NFL Jersey – Replica

Cheap Jerseys Ryan Kerrigan Makes Presence Known Against Eagles
Redskins linebacker Ryan Kerrigan is not new to the Redskins-Eagles rivalry. The Purdue product had notched six sacks against the Eagles over his career entering Sunday’s game against Philadelphia at FedExField.
With Eagles Pro Bowl right tackle Lane Johnson starting a 10-game suspension, rookie Halapoulivaati Vaitai made his first career start on Sunday. Kerrigan welcomed him to the rivalry right away.

On the first play of the game, Kerrigan beat the Cheap nfl Jerseys rookie, helping safety Will Blackmon sack quarterback Carson Wentz. Later in the drive, Kerrigan beat Vaitai again, sacking Wentz for a six-yard loss.

“Yeah, fortunately I was,” Kerrigan said on being able to take advantage of the rookie. As a team, we were able to take advantage of some situations that we had out there, put them in negative yard situations, and come up with some big stops.”

Two drives later, Kerrigan beat Vaitai again, sacking Wentz for another six-yard loss. The sack put the Eagles in a third-and-long situation and they were unable to convert.

Despite facing a rookie, Kerrigan prepared just as hard as he would normally against a veteran like Johnson.

“[I prepared] no more than if I’m going against a Customized Jerseys veteran,” he said. “I study film and try to get some tendencies. Fortunately, I was able to find some things that worked and able to execute them.”

The sixth-year veteran registered two of the five sacks the Redskins defense had as a whole. The pass rush kept Wentz from getting in a rhythm, and the Eagles were unable to muster anything on offense until the fourth quarter.

“We just needed to get pressure in his face, get guys Washington Redskins Jerseys up the middle,” Kerrigan said on stopping Wentz. “Our interior guys did a great job today of doing that. It was awesome to see it fully come together for us defensively today. Didn’t allow them in the end zone, didn’t allow them across midfield until late in the game, so pretty awesome and hope we can keep this up the next few weeks.”

The Redskins defense has not allowed a touchdown since the first quarter against Baltimore two weeks ago. This defense, led in part by Kerrigan, is starting to find their identity.

“We’re a lot more confident out there,” he said. “We’re playing a lot better collective ball. Up until the fourth quarter, they didn’t have very many passing yards or rushing yards. If we keep those up, keep stacking together some good games, we can be a really good defense.”
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