Mens Los Angeles Chargers Keenan Allen Nike Powder Blue Alternate Game Jerseys

Mens Los Angeles Chargers Keenan Allen Nike Powder Blue Alternate Game Jerseys
Mens Los Angeles Chargers Keenan Allen Nike Powder Blue Alternate Game Jerseys

In light of first-round draft pick Mike Williams’ potentially lingering back injury, the Los Angeles Chargers could use a positive update on Keenan Allen’s quest to recapture No. 1 receiver form after missing 15 games with an ACL tear last season.

To that end, franchise San Diego Chargers Jerseys
quarterback Philip Rivers fully expects Allen to reemerge as his go-to target as soon as the 2017 season opens.

“He looks like himself,” Rivers said last week on The Rich Eisen Show. “… I really think he looks just as good as before he got hurt.”

Insisting that he feels “amazing,” Allen labeled his recovery at “85 percent” back in mid-April. Since then, he has impressed Rivers with his work in May and June practices.

“He Cheap Jerseys practiced with us all offseason,” Rivers continued. “I spoke to him the other day, and he’s so fired up to be out there with us. I don’t think you’ll see a difference. You’ll see the same guy trot out there as last September.”

Allen was toying with Pro Bowl cornerback Marcus Peters in last September’s opener, tallying six first-half catches for 63 yards before sustaining the season-ending injury late in the second quarter.

Still just 25 years old, Allen has now suffered severe injuries to both knees in addition to a lacerated kidney that cost him the final eight Cheap nfl Jerseys games of the 2015 season.

As loaded as the Bolts’ offense is this year, Rivers relies heavily on Allen not just as a chain-mover and playmaker, but also as a threat to draw coverage away from other receivers.

“He opens so much up for me,” No. 2 receiver Tyrell Williams explained earlier this offseason. “Defenses have to account for him, so that will open it for me and really the whole offense. He is such a big part [of what we do]. He’ll open things up for all the receivers and the backs, too. I think it will be a big year for all of us.”

If Allen can avoid a Customized Jerseys setback in training camp and the preseason, the Chargers will have the luxury of holding Mike Williams out until his back is fully recovered. With or without his top draft pick, Rivers figures to be directing one of the NFL’s most dangerous offensive attacks this season.

Mens Los Angeles Chargers Antonio Gates Nike Navy Blue Game Jerseys

Mens Los Angeles Chargers Antonio Gates Nike Navy Blue Game Jerseys
Mens Los Angeles Chargers Antonio Gates Nike Navy Blue Game Jerseys

But when it comes to Antonio Gates, you are legitimately talking about the literal Greatest of All Time.
“He’s the GOAT,” Melvin Gordon said, repeating himself for emphasis. “He is the GOAT! That man is worldwide! I tell him that all the time. His name carries weight around the whole world. Everybody knows who Antonio Gates is. Not everybody knows Melvin Gordon. Not everybody knows who Melvin Ingram or Keenan Allen are. But Antonio Gates; man, I knew about him when I was little and didn’t even know football that well. You just know Antonio Gates. He’s Cheap Jerseys someone who (transcends) the game. That’s Antonio Gates. Chargers. Tight End. Baller. Legend.”
Gates understands the status he’s achieved after tying Tony Gonzalez’s record for most career touchdown catches by a tight end in NFL history with 111. His first TD catch of 2017 will set uncharted territory, which is why he is the legitimate greatest of all time at his position.

Still, it’s a concept the legend has trouble fully grasping.
“I haven’t quite wrapped my head around it all to be quite honest with you,” he said in a humble whisper. “I look at everything I’ve done and where I’m at; it’s hard to put into words. One thing I can say when it comes to these types of accomplishments is most importantly, my teammates trusted and believed in me. A lot of individuals’ accomplishments come from the team trusting you. Guys making sacrifices for you to be able to do certain things. I think that’s overlooked.”

The number of teammates Cheap nfl Jerseys Gates has shared a locker room with since entering the NFL is well into the hundreds. In fact, it’s probably closer to 1,000. These days, he’s surrounded by players who grew up idolizing number 85.
“I’ve been playing since some of these dudes were in elementary school,” he laughed, acknowledging the younger players get wide-eyed when they see him in the locker room. “I think it’s funny. (It) lets me know I’m getting older. It’s funny, because it’s so many guys that are 22, 23.”

Still, it’s impossible to deny the stature Gates has earned over 14 years of dominance. Mention his name in the locker room and the reactions are all the same.
“He is the real greatest of all time,” said Tyrell Williams, who is 11 years younger than Gates. “He really is. Shoot, it’s just awesome to say I’ve played with him. One of the biggest (thrills) of my career was being on the field with him last year when he tied the record. It was sick. Hopefully I’ll be on the field this year when he breaks it. That would be awesome. I mean, Antonio Gates was always on my dad’s fantasy football team. He had to have him. He was one of my dad’s favorite players, so I watched him a lot. It’s awesome.”

“He’s been in this Customized Jerseys league since I was probably 12 years old,” noted Jahleel Addae, who has matched up with the tight end every day in practice for the last five years. “Being form Florida, I knew about LaDainian Tomlinson, Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates. Those three are truly the greats. Every day, I get to perfect my craft against him. Every day, I get to watch him go about his business as a real professional no matter what it is. The way he takes care of his body. The way he is with film work. The great person he is and what kind of teammate he is. How he carries himself. He’s the GOAT for so many reasons. He has nothing else to prove, but he still comes into work and goes about his business the right way with the right reasons. It’s a blessing. I’m fortunate to be around someone like him.”

Perhaps the best perspective comes from the man lucky enough to follow in Gates’ footsteps. Hunter Henry is entering his second year in the NFL fully appreciative of the chance to be around greatness up close.

After all, he San Diego Chargers Jerseys watched Gates closely from afar since he was in the second grade.
“This is just freaking awesome,” he said, looking at Gates across the room with a smile. “Look at him. That’s Antonio Gates. It’s cool just being in the locker room with him. He’s going to be a Hall of Famer, no doubt. And he’s just a special, special person. It’s just cool. I was in second grade when he started, so it’s crazy to think I was that young and he was doing what he was doing in this league. It’s just crazy. He’s the GOAT!”

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Mens Los Angeles Chargers Philip Rivers Nike Light Blue Alternate Limited Jerseys

Mens Los Angeles Chargers Philip Rivers Nike Light Blue Alternate Limited Jerseys
Mens Los Angeles Chargers Philip Rivers Nike Light Blue Alternate Limited Jerseys

A football junkie, Philip Rivers’ voice explodes with excitement after taking his first look at the Chargers’ 2017 slate.
“Now that’s a heck of a schedule!”
Number 17 takes a few moments to digest it all, letting every aspect sink in no matter how big or small. With the entire schedule memorized, he is ready to reveal what stands out most about the upcoming season.

“Like we have so many times, we get to open up in that second game of the Monday Night Football doubleheader. Getting to do it in Denver, Cheap Jerseys which is one of my favorite places to play, is as good as it gets…. We’ve done it a bunch of times, and it can be long. Sunday can feel long, but it’s Monday that feels really long. It’s like, ‘Goodness, gracious – can we kick off?’ We’ve seen everybody else kick off, but we haven’t played yet. But it’s definitely exciting. We also have Denver again in October. We’ll have both of our games against them done by Oct. 22.”

Rivers’ attention then drifts to the team’s AFC West rivals.
“We play them
Cheap nfl Jerseys early and then late,” he explains. “We have that Week 3 game against Kansas City, and then we play them Week 15 at night (at Arrowhead). And Oakland, we play them in October early before the last game of the year. So there is going to be a big gap between playing two of our division opponents, but not really a big gap with Denver. Those are some important early games.”

The quarterback is also pleased with the timing of the bye week. Occurring Week 9, it dissects the season in half. As a QB, he also quickly identifies the team’s cold weather games to see when he may have to deal with tough conditions.

“I always like to see when the bye week is, and it’s exactly at the halfway point. We have two eight game seasons, so that’s good. And then I look for any potential bad weather games. We have those two late games in December at Kansas City and the Jets, but that’s really it.”
Rivers notes the Customized Jerseys Bolts are in for a challenge right off the bat leading up to that Week 9 bye.

“Five of those games are against playoff teams, and I consider the Broncos a playoff team, so it’s (seven),” he says. “Every NFL schedule is hard, and it is what it is. That’s what we like. We want to beat playoff teams. We want to be back in the picture like we were for that stretch for so many years. We have to beat those teams, and we are going to get a heavy dose of that.”

Perhaps most of all, getting to play the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day takes the cake. All in all, the Bolts play on three holidays.
“To play
San Diego Chargers Jerseys Thanksgiving in Dallas is awesome. Every year I always wonder if that will ever be us playing in that game. That’s a game the whole country watches, and now we get to play in it so that’s awesome. Dallas on Thanksgiving is as big as it gets.”

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Mens Los Angeles Chargers Philip Rivers Nike Navy Blue Game Jerseys

Mens Los Angeles Chargers Philip Rivers Nike Navy Blue Game Jerseys
Mens Los Angeles Chargers Philip Rivers Nike Navy Blue Game Jerseys

Although they did extensive work scouting this year’s quarterback class, one of the reasons the Los Angeles Chargers did not draft a young signal-caller is that they believe Philip Rivers has a lot of gas left in the tank.

Rivers turns 36 in December but has not missed a start in over a decade, with 176 straight.

“Philip wants to play Cheap Jerseys forever and that’s what you want in a quarterback,” Chargers coach Anthony Lynn told “The Jim Rome Show.” “I’m always leery of these guys that tell me I think I’m going to play another year or two. I want the ones you got to push out, you got to run off. Those are the ones that love football and can’t get enough, and that’s how Philip is.”

Chargers coach Anthony Lynn says quarterback Philip Rivers has lost 10 pounds under the team’s offseason conditioning program. Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images
Lynn added that Cheap nfl Jerseys Rivers has lost 10 pounds working in his team’s offseason conditioning program led by new strength coach John Lott.

“He looks rejuvenated,” Lynn said. “He’s got a little zip on the ball. He can have three or four more productive years easily in my mind.”

I asked Lynn after last week’s draft why the Chargers passed on selecting a quarterback, and he said the team did not want to reach at that position.

“We definitely think Philip can still play,” Lynn said. “Whoever we drafted was going to have to come in and sit for a while because I think Philip is going to continue to play at a high level.

“If a Customized Jerseys quarterback had been there that we felt really good about, then yeah, we evaluate that position like we do the other 21 spots and very easily could have taken a young quarterback, and brought him on to develop him. But we weren’t going to reach. We definitely weren’t going to do that. And we feel good about the guys we have as well.”

So for now, the Chargers will go with a quarterback group that includes veterans in Rivers and Kellen Clemens, along with developmental prospects in Mike Bercovici and Eli Jenkins.

One thing the Chargers did to make Rivers’ job easier is draft a playmaking receiver in Mike Williams in the first round. They also picked up three offensive linemen in Forrest Lamp, Dan Feeney and Sam Tevi.

Lynn said Williams provides another matchup issue for opposing defenses.

“Philip, being a veteran guy, he likes matchups, and that’s what this game is all about, is matchups,” Lynn told Rome. “Philip can read a San Diego Chargers Jerseys
defense, and I believe he can deliver the ball in places where it’s supposed to go, and take advantage of those matchups. Se we have another weapon, and hopefully another matchup issue for the defense.”

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Mens San Diego Chargers Philip Rivers Nike Navy Blue Home Elite Jersey

Mens San Diego Chargers Philip Rivers Nike Navy Blue Home Elite Jersey
Mens San Diego Chargers Philip Rivers Nike Navy Blue Home Elite Jersey

San Diego Chargers Jerseys Late in the fourth quarter Sunday, the Chargers found themselves embroiled in yet another heart-stopping affair. And as quickly as they had the win in their sights, it was sprinting away from them, in the form of a linebacker wearing a white and aqua No. 47.

It’s become par for the course for San Diego in 2016. But this one was especially painful for Philip Rivers, who, on the day he joined the 300-touchdown club, was directly responsible for the defeat.

“I hate it for the guys in there,” Rivers said afterward, via the San Diego Union-Tribune. “We had plenty of opportunities. I know they count on me to make those. I do as well. It done today. ”

Rivers tossed four interceptions in the final quarter, finishing just his second four-pick game in his career. He bookended a touchdown pass with two interceptions on each end, as the Chargers found a new way to lose in the waning moments.

Rivers was pressured often by Miami’s pass rush, being Cheap Jerseys forced to escape a collapsing pocket and take risks with the game hanging in the balance. He tried his best to save it for San Diego, and in turn, lost it. But Rivers would not Blame the crumbling protection for

“That’s just part of it,” he said. “I just did not play good … I do not know any other way to describe it. There was not one of those I was trying to do too much today. It was just I got fooled twice and threw a bad ball. ”

It was obvious in Kiko Alonso’s interception, which he returned for the game-winning touchdown. But in the two interceptions prior, Rivers and Co. came up maddeningly short when the chance to take and then extend the lead evaporated.

There was the unexplainable – let’s not overlook how San Diego shunned Melvin Gordon inside the 5-yard line – when Rivers lofted a pass to Tyrrell Williams, stuck in double coverage in the end zone, resulting in Tony Lippett’s first interception of fourth quarter. Quarter (yes, there’s more). Lippett’s pick bailed out return man Jakeem Grant, who had muffed a punt deep in Miami territory to set up the Chargers with what looked like a golden opportunity to take the lead.

Rivers later sailed a pass wide right of tight end Antonio
Cheap nfl Jerseys Gates for his second interception of the quarter, picked off by By Maxwell at Miami’s 15 and stopped another short-sighted possession of the end zone. It all seemed OK, though, when Rivers found Williams on A 51-yard touchdown strike to take a 24-21 lead with 4:04 left to play. Then came Alonso, slipping out of coverage and into Rivers ‘passing window to stop the Chargers’ next drive in its tracks.

The fourth interception, Lippett’s second, was a desperate situation that we’ll chalk up to Rivers, without any timeouts, being forced to play the sidelines. But it was a withering finish Customized Jerseys to a nightmarish final quarter. Rivers has made his career taking Risks – most good quarterbacks do. It just did not pan out for him Sunday.
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San Diego Chargers#85 Antonio Gates Jerseys

Men's Nike San Diego Chargers #85 Antonio Gates Elite Black Camo Fashion NFL Jersey - Replica
Men’s Nike San Diego Chargers #85 Antonio Gates Elite Black Camo Fashion NFL Jersey – Replica

Cheap Jerseys Injury roundup: Chargers’ Antonio Gates set to play
The San Diego Chargers will be getting their future Hall of Fame tight end back on the field today.

Antonio Gates is expected to return against the Raiders in Oakland, although his snaps might be limited, according to NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport.
Gates has missed two games with a hamstring injury. The five-time All-Pro has six receptions for 35 yards and one touchdown this season.

Other injury news we are watching on Sunday:

1. Bears pass-catchers Alshon Jeffery (knee) Cheap nfl Jerseys and Zach Miller (ribs) are active, as is running back Ka’Deem Carey (hamstring). Eddie Royal (calf) is also active.

2. Cowboys kicker Dan Bailey (back) and left tackle Tyron Smith (back) are expected to play against the Bengals in Dallas, while wide receiver Dez Bryant will be a game-time decision and unlikely to play, according to Rapoport. Cornerback Orlando Scandrick is also unlikely to play.

3. Ravens running back Kenneth Dixon (knee) will Customized Jerseys make his debut for Baltimore against the Redskins, but won’t start, according to Rapoport. Cornerback Shareece Wright is inactive Sunday due to back spasms, the team announced.

4. Bills running back LeSean McCoy (hand) is expected to play against the Rams in Los Angeles, according to Rapoport.

5. The Patriots will have their full complement of pass-catchers, including Julian Edelman (foot) and tight end Rob Gronkowski (hamstring), as well as running back LeGarrette Blount (hip), quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (shoulder) and linebacker Dont’a Hightower (knee).

6. While Broncos quarterback Trevor Siemian (shoulder) San Diego Chargers Jerseys won’t start and will likely be inactive against the Falcons on Sunday, he is expected to be ready for Thursday’s game against the Chargers, according to Rapoport.

7. Bills tight end Charles Clay (knee) is expected to play, according to Rapoport.

8. Lions wide receiver Marvin Jones (foot) is active.

9. Texans tackle Duane Brown (knee) is active.

10. Rams wideout Kenny Britt (thigh) is expected to play, per Rapoport.

11. Giants runnning back Rashad Jennings (thumb) is not expected to play, per Rapoport.

12. Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis (hamstring) is inactive.

13. Dolphins OL Laremy Tunsil is a surprise inactive after injuring his ankle in game prep Sunday morning, per Rapoport
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