Dallas Cowboys: Cowboys, draft these hidden gems

For several years, the Dallas Cowboys have been building their team through the draft, and they can continue to do that by drafting these hidden gems.
Since the Dallas Cowboys are now allergic to signing impactful free agents, their belief system is to build a successful team through the draft.

As much as I agree with building a team through the draft, the key is to draft the right players who can be contributors sooner rather than later. The franchise can only hope players reach their full potential in or around their third year.

The Cowboys did the unimaginable last offseason when it allowed most of their veteran secondary to walk into free agency. Then the Cowboys took it a step further when it drafted four rookies to man the secondary.

The Cowboys drafted Chidobe Awuzie, Jourdan Lewis, Xavier Woods, and Marquez White in the 2017 draft. Awuzie, Jourdan, and Woods played in several Cheap Jerseys games as rookies and showed flashes of their playmaking abilities.

Although White was on the Cowboys’ practice squad, the coaching staff sees him competing for a starting cornerback position. They have high hopes for him. That’s a good thing moving forward because this team needs as many playmakers as possible in their defensive backfield.

Since most of those rookies will be major contributors next season, let’s look at a few hidden gems in this year’s draft that could be impactful for the Cowboys next season. Ironically, these players are from a non-football powerhouse school, but they’ve produced plenty of football players who are starring for several NFL teams.

Men's Dallas Cowboys Jason Witten Nike Navy Blue Team Color Game Jersey
Men’s Dallas Cowboys Jason Witten Nike Navy Blue Team Color Game Jersey

In fact, one of their teammates, Bradley Chubb, will more than likely be the first overall pick in April’s draft.

Samuels is the most versatile player in the draft. He can play running back, fullback, slot receiver, and tight end for the NC State Wolfpack.

Whenever the Wolfpack needed a big play, they called upon the versatility of Samuels to score a touchdown, either running the ball or catching it on a wheel route into the end zone.

Standing only 5’11 and Custom Dallas Cowboys Jersey weighing 223 pounds, the dynamic runner will be a mismatch for opposing defenses. For starters, Samuels is a threat catching the ball out of the backfield. He caught 76 receptions for 597 yards and four touchdowns last season.

Further, he rushed for 403 yards on 77 carries, averaged 5.2 yards a carry, and rushed for 12 touchdowns. If you’re counting his touchdowns, that’s a total of 16 touchdowns with almost 1,000 yards of receiving and rushing yards.

Samuels would be one hell of a third down back because of his ability to run the ball on short yardage and lining up in the slot. This will cause nightmares for opposing defensive coordinators.

Scouts have Samuels going in rounds 3-4. If he’s there for Dallas in the third round, they should select him. Samuels can flat out play. Think of a bigger and more athletic Darren Sproles.

Baltimore Ravens Reportedly Release Veteran Wideout as NFL Free Agency Gets Underway

The Baltimore Ravens have reportedly split ways with wide receiver Jeremy Maclin after just one season in Baltimore.
The Baltimore Ravens reportedly have released eight-year wideout Jeremy Maclin, per ESPN’s Adam Schefter. As a result, Maclin joins the list of prominent wideouts on the move this offseason as he enters NFL free agency for the second straight year.

Moments after the Ravens news surfaced of his release, Maclin responded via Twitter:

Baltimore saved a total of $5 million by releasing Maclin and frees up salary cap space for the Ravens to add more pieces to strengthen their 2018 roster.

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Pro Line Men’s Baltimore Ravens Ryan Jensen Team Color Jersey

The veteran wideout’s release comes shortly after the Ravens added wideouts, Ryan Grant and John Brown.

Former Washington Cheap Jerseys Redskins, wide receiver Grant earned a four-year, $29 million deal with 14.5 million guaranteed from the Ravens. In addition, Grant receives a $10 million signing bonus, per Ian Rapport.

The #Ravens are expected to sign #Redskins FA WR Ryan Grant, source said. It’s a 4-year deal worth $29M with $14.5M guaranteed, source said. He gets a $10M signing bonus.

Brown inked a much shorter one-year, $5 million deal, along with incentives worth $6.5 million, per Adam Caplan of ESPN.

The flurry of Ravens free agency moves transforms their group of wide receivers with both Maclin and Mike Wallace off to find new teams in the free agent market. Not to mention, the Ravens also released running back Danny Woodhead on Tuesday.

Entering the first official day of NFL free agency, who might the Ravens sign next? According to Evan Massey, the Ravens are among the Custom Baltimore Ravens Jersey most interested in acquiring former Green Bay Packers wideout Jordy Nelson.

However, new reports show the interest between Nelson and the Ravens aren’t quite intimate with Nelson scheduled to visit three teams, per Adam Schefter, none which include the Ravens.

Houston Texans: Why Bob McNair’s alleged hiring practices are plausible

The Houston Texans are dominating the headlines once again but this time it’s for yet another allegation in regard to the way they select their players. Their peculiar racial overtones has come into scrutiny once again. The latest report indicates as such and let’s take a look to examine further.

The Houston Texans try their hardest not be at the center of controversial news but I believe with the way things are handled in the organization — particularly with its ownership — affords the opportunity for these allegations to occur. The problem is not with the organization itself but with its owner that seems to be out of touch of today’s concerns about racial equality.

This country is Custom Houston Texans Jersey melting pot of culture and its roster should be made of such. The fans that continue to pour in billions of dollars to elevate the financial success of the franchise reflect that as well. Have you been to Houston Texans home game? It’s a panacea of what America should like, upholding the epitome of diversity. No matter what race, color or creed, we all band together on Sundays, wherever that may be, to support our team through the good or the bad.

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Men’s Houston Texans Deshaun Watson Nike Red 2017 Draft Pick Game Jersey

But the latest report in regard to the Houston Texans hiring practices of its players DOES have some plausibility. Jerome Solomon, a long-time, damn good columnist with the Houston Chronicle, has indicated in his piece that the team specifically does not want to bring in players that have protested for the national anthem by taking a knee.

He said that he spoke with two agents to affirm this notion and although it’s not something that’s a direct order from leadership, it’s a symbolism that has been understood within the front-office organizational tree. That falls under the wing of new general manager Brian Gaine to which I hope he’s selecting players based off their ability to perform and to help this team win football games. It shouldn’t be based off a person’s ability to exercise their First Amendment right.

I’ve read Solomon’s columns since I was a kid and I know he wouldn’t move forward with this story unless he had conceivable evidence to do so. I applaud it because it’s a journalist’s oath to seek the truth and to report it as fully as possible, especially toward the lunacy that we’re actually talking about this in the year 2018.

Amy Palcic, the Houston Texans Senior Director of Communications, issued a response denying the allegations:

I’m skeptical in regard to the validity of this statement and that it’s not another “about face” that they’ve been having to do countless times as of late. It’s saddening, disheartening and it makes me look at the Houston Texans ownership quite differently than I did in the past.

I used to have high regard for McNair as a successful businessman who brought pro football back to Houston for good after a five-year hiatus without a team. Now his legacy will be tarnished —

as it should be — for such socially regressive views that are pulling our sovereign nation in the same direction, just like the current president of the United States.

He even won a lifetime Cheap Jerseys achievement award with the Texas Sports Hall of Fame recently. But you know what? I wasn’t motivated whatsoever to write about it because all I could think of in the back of my mind was the “inmates running the prison” comment at the owner’s meetings back during the 2017 season.

I’m sure there are many good, honest and decent people that work for the Houston Texans. Some are likely beside themselves in regard to their boss continuously being at the forefront of the headlines for the wrong reasons.

I personally have a feeling of distrust because no matter how educated or successful that I am, I’ll continued to be viewed as a lower-class citizen in his eyes, despite myself spending my hard-earned money on tickets that go into his pockets with each upcoming season. Why? Because of the color of my skin.

Although I have no evidence to connote the preceding assertions, I know in my heart that there’s credibility to them. I would love to see the Houston Texans do a full-on media blitz to combat this matter but I’m afraid that it will be business as usual, with just a whole bunch of reacting and denying.

NFL coaches not talking about Cincinnati Bengals quarterback AJ McCarron at the combine

McCarron, who won his grievance against the Bengals to become an unrestricted free agent is still a Bengal until the new league year begins at 4 p.m. on March 14. So until then, mum’s the word.

Any public comments about a player currently on another team could be considered tampering.

“Yeah, I don’t want to comment on that at this point,” Browns coach Hue Jackson said.

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But both Jackson and Joseph – former Cincinnati Bengals Jersey Bengals assistants who saw McCarron up close during his starts in 2015 – did discuss what they would look for in a free agent quarterback that only has a handful of starts on film.

“You look at the system, you look where they come from, who do they play for,” said Jackson, who was the Bengals’ offensive coordinator for McCarron’s first two seasons in Cincinnati. “I think there’s a lot of different, other variables that you can look at, and then obviously it’s projecting. Can a guy come in and play for you and do the things that you need him to do to help you win? I think you have to go through all of those different scenarios and play them all out to see what fits for you.”

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Pro Line Mens Cincinnati Bengals Tyler Eifert Big & Tall Team Color Jersey

Joseph submitted a similar thought.

“It’s about fit,” he said. “You have to find a guy that fits your football profile. It’s not about the numbers or the names. It’s about the perfect fit. The best teams win. You have to have a guy that fits your football mindset. In Denver, we want to play great defense all the time and run the football. Who fits that formula for us? I’m not sure yet. It’s all about fit.”

The one person allowed to speak freely about McCarron was Bengals director of player personnel Duke Tobin.

All Tobin would allow on the independent arbitrator’s decision on McCarron’s free agent status was that it was a disappointment to the club, but said he believes the 27-year-old can be a starter in the league.

“I do,” he said. “Being around him, his mental makeup is what you want, his competitiveness is what you want. Only time will tell. With quarterbacks, it’s situation, opportunity, what’s around him, what you ask him to do. So I think any quarterback needs all of that to align to be ultimately successful. But we’ve got a lot of belief in AJ McCarron. That’s what I’ve said for the years he’s been with us. And we still believe that.”

Cincinnati Bengals defensive coordinator Paul Guenther checks his playcard during the third quarter of the NFL Week 17 game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Cincinnati Bengals at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore on Sunday, Dec. 31, 2017. At halftime the Bengals led 17-10. (Photo: Sam Greene)

Jon Gruden drew one of the bigger Cheap Jerseys media contingents during his turn at the podium Wednesday, the first time he’s had to attend the event in a coaching capacity in a decade.

The new Oakland Raiders head coach was asked about adding Paul Guenther to his staff as defensive coordinator this season.

Guenther had served in that capacity for the Bengals from 2014-17.

“It goes back from my days visiting Jay (Gruden) in Cincinnati, getting to know that coaching staff. (Mike) Zimmer was the defensive coordinator, Guenther was the linebacker coach,” Jon Gruden said. “I thought that was an excellent staff that Marvin Lewis had and every time I had the Bengals on Monday Night Football, I was always impressed with the way he coached, on the field, taking advantage of the time in pre-practice, post-practice, and what he got done with Vontaze Burfict, Vinny Rey, very impressive. We’re excited to have him.”

Will the Rams kick the can down the road with Aaron Donald?

How long can Los Angeles Rams General Manager Les Snead wait to get something done with Aaron Donald?

The big fish in the pond for the Los Angeles Rams come the offseason will be All Everything Aaron Donald. But to listen to General Manager Les Snead, the defensive tackle is on the “to-do” list, but may not be at the top of it.

The Rams have crossed the Rubicon with Donald going back to whatever kind of gentleman’s agreement the two sides had when the DT reported after a relatively brief holdout last summer. A scenario the team knows won’t likely happen this time around.

But should Los Customized Los Angeles Rams jerseys Angeles get into another game of chicken with perhaps the best defensive player in the National Football League, and their best player on the roster?

I don’t doubt the sincerity that comes from Snead when he speaks of Donald and his desire to get that situation resolved. But I also don’t sense it’s keeping him up at night.

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Men’s Los Angeles Rams Ethan Westbrooks Pro Line Navy Team Color Jersey

And that’s ok, seeing as any holdout by Team Donald pushes back his free agency eligibility for one year. So Snead and the organization have some leverage to slide him down the priority list in 2018, but how far down can the Rams afford to go before irreparable damage is done?

Ultimately, LA knows they’ll have to dig deep as Donald isn’t flattening out as a player. He’s getting better and better on a defense that is still the crown jewel of the Rams. At some point, the bill will come due and each day they wait, the price goes up a little bit more.

They also know that the odds of him Cheap Jerseys getting out of town are perhaps remote as the franchise tag option is another avenue they could go.

But at what cost to the relationship between Donald and the Rams? Money definitely solves a lot of problems, but it’s also a drama that will play out for all to see, not just players in Los Angeles.

Bottom line, Snead has some time to cross a lot of names of his “to-do” list. He just can’t afford to wait on the biggest one before real damage is done.

Jon Gruden’s bringing Tom Cable back to Raiders raises eyebrows

Jon Gruden’s bringing Tom Cable back to the Oakland Raiders as his offensive line coach is the first head-scratching hire of Gruden’s second tenure in Silver and Blackdom.

Of course, there are ways to utilize zone blocking to fit the Raiders’ skill set in the trenches, such as pull and pin, but as PFF notes, if any offensive-minded coaches can figure it out, Gruden and Cable should be right there.

That seemingly would be good news for Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch, who is due a base salary of $4 million in 2018 with a cap number of $6 million.

It was the addition of Lynch to Oakland last season that hastened the switch from power to zone on the line, and Lynch excelled in Seattle after Cable arrived in 2011.

Lynch broke off seasons of 1,204, 1,590, 1,257 and 1,306 yards rushing, with 12, 11, 12 and 13 rushing TDs, in his first four seasons with Cable as Customized Oakland Raiders jerseys Seattle’s O-line coach.

Lynch is more than friendly with Cable. Asked his initial thoughts on the Seahawks’ O-line coach before Super Bowl XLVIII, Lynch did not hold back.

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Men’s Oakland Raiders Amari Cooper Nike Black Vapor Untouchable Limited Player Jersey

“Well, being from Oakland, all I knew about him was that he punched people,” Lynch said at the time. “That’s my type of person.”

Which brings us back to Cable’s stormy departure from Oakland after two-and-a-half years as Raiders head coach.

Cable did indeed change the culture in Oakland after replacing Lane Kiffin five games into the 2008 season. But even as he ended a seven-year streak of at least 11 losses by the Raiders with an 8-8 season in 2010, which included a 6-0 mark against the AFC West, his “we’re not losers any more” comment did not sit well with Al Davis.

“If that’s not being a loser in our world, I don’t know what is,” Davis said. “Come on, .500? That’s never been my goal.”

Plus, Davis fined Cable $120,000 from his last six game checks for the, ahem, strain he put the organization under as a result of lawsuits accusing him of assaulting assistant coach Randy Hanson and an ex-girlfriend.

Hanson accused Cable of breaking his jaw and knocking out some teeth in a training camp scrap by throwing him against a hotel room wall, with the left side of his face hitting a table. Hanson claimed Cable hit him again while he was on the floor, prompting assistants Willie Brown, John Marshall and Lionel Washington to pull Cable away.

After the story broke, Raiders players greeted Cable on the field with chants of “Cable, bumaye,” hearkening the chants Muhammad Ali heard in “The Rumble in the Jungle” against George Foreman.

“Can’t get the story,” Davis said. “You know, it’s like Gitmo. Trying to find out: Did they waterboard those guys or not? No, really, it’s hard to believe. How many guys went in? Four guys went into the room with a guy, the guy comes out with a broken jaw, and no one saw it.”

Cable also was accused of physical Cheap Jerseys abuse by three women, including two ex-wives, and Davis referenced those allegations as further reason for firing Cable, even as Davis allowed Cable to coach after the incidents purportedly happened.

Expect Raiders owner Mark Davis to have a sit-down with Cable and/or Gruden in the near future. Davis has a “zero tolerance” policy for domestic violence.

Cable’s return to Oakland might not be as incredible a development as Gruden coming back, but it’s in the same conversation. Especially when you consider Cable’s comments in his final appearance as Raiders coach, when he was asked if he had any regrets from that 2010 season.

“Not a one,” Cable said. “I wish we were better in the turnover department. I wish we were better in the penalty department. I also like the fact we play our butts off, an

Jaguars handle Steelers, crash AFC Championship Game party

With each close play or each game-changing swing, Tom Coughlin nervously chewed gum and scribbled notes. He occasionally stopped to offer a comment to general manager Dave Caldwell, seated to his right.

The man in charge of installing a winning culture with the Jacksonville Jaguars did this the entire game. By this point, it was out of his control. But in a game with wild momentum swings, the work he did leading up to this point as executive vice president of football operations proved to be just enough.

The Jaguars upended the Steelers 45-42 on the road and clinched their spot in next weekend’s AFC Championship Game against the New England Patriots. The output tied the mark for most points ever scored on the Steelers in a postseason game.

Much as it was in Cheap Jerseys Week 5’s 30-9 Jaguars victory here at Heinz Field, Jacksonville’s defense and rushing game was pivotal. But it was an unlikely – and much-criticized player – who helped secure the Jaguar victory.


Quarterback Blake Bortles, who rushed for more yards last week (88) against the Bills than he threw for (87), converted key third downs in the fourth quarter, made smart decisions and helped keep the Steelers at distance.

He completed 14 of 26 passes for 214 yards and one touchdown.

Men's Jacksonville Jaguars Myles Jack Pro Line Black Player Jersey
Men’s Jacksonville Jaguars Myles Jack Pro Line Black Player Jersey

Rookie running back Leonard Fournette, who left the game in the second quarter with an ankle injury but returned after halftime, ran the ball 23 times for 101 yards and three touchdowns.

The Jaguars roared out to a 21-point lead and at times looked like they would pull away, including after linebacker Telvin Smith’s 50-yard scoop-and-score fumble recovery in the second quarter. But the Steelers clawed back in the second half, drawing to within one score at four different points in the fourth quarter.

But by the time Ben Roethlisberger found JuJu Smith-Schuster for a 4-yard scoring strike to cut the deficit to three, there was just one second left.

Jacksonville’s pass Customized Jacksonville Jaguars jerseys rush made a few big plays, sacking Roethlisberger twice. But the group wasn’t consistent enough. On some dropbacks, Pittsburgh’s offensive line pushed back and offered Roethlisberger ample time to throw.

It was with that time that Roethlisberger dropped three pivotal touchdowns in 14 minutes and 11 seconds of game time, spanning from the middle of the second quarter to the middle of the third. Each pass was perfectly placed where only the Pittsburgh players, receivers Antonio Brown and Martavis Bryant and running back Le’Veon Bell, could catch them.

Entering the game and including the playoffs, Roethlisberger has had 19 career rushing attempts on fourth-and-1. He converted 18 of them for first downs. Yet, questionable play calls in those situations twice crushed Pittsburgh’s momentum.

Down seven points with 12:50 left in the game, the Steelers faced a crucial fouth-and-1 from Jacksonville’s own 39-yard line. The call was a play-action pass that fell incomplete.

Men’s New Orleans Saints David Onyemata Pro Line Black Player Jersey

The New Orleans Saints are winning in different ways this year than previously in the Sean Payton and Drew Brees era.

With the Saints having one of the NFL’s top rushing offenses, ranking fifth in yardage and second in yards per attempt, Brees has thrown the ball less than usual this season.

In fact, Brees is on New Orleans Saints Jerseys pace to have his lowest passing yardage total in his 12 seasons with the Saints. Through 15 games, he’s passed for 4,089 yards, an average of 273 yards per game. He’ll need 300 yards in Sunday’s finale against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to surpass his lowest mark with the Saints, 4,388 yards in 2009.

Men's New Orleans Saints David Onyemata Pro Line Black Player Jersey
Men’s New Orleans Saints David Onyemata Pro Line Black Player Jersey

But, even though Brees’ volume has been down, his efficiency has been outstanding, and more importantly, the Saints (11-4) are heading to the postseason for the first time since 2013. So, coach Sean Payton has no problem with Brees’ reduced yardage.

“We’re not in the Cheap Jerseys business of playing fantasy football,” Payton said Wednesday. “We really aren’t. We’re in the business of winning.

“So, if that upsets all the people that have a player on our offense or defense or somewhere in the fantasy games of the world, then that’s tough. But our job is to win, and that’s probably one of the first criteria that you’re graded at as quarterback. And he knows that.”

Hill, the No. 3 quarterback, played one snap as a wide receiver in Week 16

Brees this year has Cheap nfl Jerseys completed 71.9 percent of his passes, which has him on track to break Sam Bradford’s single-season record of 71.6 percent. The second-most accurate quarterback in the NFL this year is Alex Smith, who is more than four percentage points behind Brees at 67.5 percent.

Brees also ranks third in the league in passer rating at 103.6, which would be his best mark since having a 104.7 rating in 2013.

He’s also Customized Jerseys thrown just eight interceptions, and unless he throws three on Sunday, he’ll have his second-lowest pick total in a season. Part of that is related to Brees throwing less, but Brees has thrown an interception on just 1.6 percent of his passes this year, which is the lowest mark of his career.

So, yes, Brees’ yardage is down this season, but his efficiency overall is about as good as it’s ever been in his 17-year career. And the Saints don’t care about the stats nearly as much as the victories.

Men’s Minnesota Vikings Jeremiah Sirles Pro Line Team Color Jersey

he Vikings lost on Halloween to the Chicago Bears. Then they lost on Thanksgiving to the Detroit Lions. Then they lost to the Green Bay Packers on Christmas Eve.

In 2017, the Minnesota Vikings Jerseys Vikings turned the holidays into the Skolidays.

The Vikings rang in 2017 with a victory over the Bears on New Year’s Day to finish off an otherwise disappointing 2016 season, even if it was basically meaningless. But it was a sign of things to come in the 2017 campaign. The Vikings beat the Bears in Chicago in October. Then they visited Detroit for the second straight Thanksgiving and came out with a win. Then they Cheap Jerseys capped off the holidays with the greatest gift of all: a shutout of the Packers at Lambeau field.

Men's Minnesota Vikings Jeremiah Sirles Pro Line Team Color Jersey
Men’s Minnesota Vikings Jeremiah Sirles Pro Line Team Color Jersey

The 16-0 win in the Wisconsin cold wasn’t exactly the shiniest of presents. The Vikings mustered only 236 total yards against a depleted Packers defense that was missing a handful of key players. Case Keenum missed some opportunities to make big plays down field. The ground game wasn’t especially impressive. The Vikings lost Nick Easton for the season to a broken ankle and long snapper Kevin McDermott is out for the foreseeable future with a dislocated shoulder. The play looked as sloppy as the Lambeau Field turf for much of the game. The Packers looked largely uninterested in competing for most of the night, yet the Vikings let them hang around and kept the game closer than it needed to be.

That said, we could have Cheap nfl Jerseys hung around for eight quarters Saturday night and I’m not sure the Packers would have scored. Minnesota’s defense smothered Brett Hundley and the Green Bay offense, making sure his home woes continued. He was held to 17 of 40 for 130 yards and two interceptions. Outside of a few Hundley scrambles, Green Bay never found a way to consistently move the ball. On the few occasions that the Packers did threaten to score, the Vikings defense came up always with the big stop.

Men’s Jacksonville Jaguars Blake Bortles Nike Teal Limited Jersey

he Jacksonville Jaguars can keep their dream season going by messing around and securing home-field advantage through the AFC Championship.Jacksonville Jaguars Jerseys The San Francisco 49ers look to play spoilers with breakout quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. A hive mind of about 30 NFL fans predicts the Jaguars will win Sunday.

Men's Jacksonville Jaguars Blake Bortles Nike Teal Limited Jersey
Men’s Jacksonville Jaguars Blake Bortles Nike Teal Limited Jersey

The Jaguars have their first winning season, their first double-digit win season, and their first playoff berth since their 11-5 campaign in 2007. But how about their first division title since way back in 1999, before the AFC South even existed. But a still Cheap Jerseys bigger prize is a possibility, as two more Jaguars victories and one loss apiece by the 11-3 New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers would be enough to lock all three teams at 12-4, with Jacksonville holding the tiebreaker that would hand them home-field through the AFC side of the playoff bracket. With Blake Bortles red hot at quarterback, Jacksonville might be up to the task, but don’t discount newly arrived 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, as the excessively handsome signal caller has been undefeated in three games as San Francisco’s starter.

To predict the result of this and other games, Unanimous A.I. used what’s known as swarm intelligence to forecast the week’s slate. About 30 NFL fans worked together as a hive mind to make picks. As you can see in the animation below, each participant Cheap nfl Jerseys controlled a little golden magnet and used it to drag the puck toward the answer they thought was the most likely outcome. As the users saw the puck move toward a particular outcome, it triggers a psychological response. They readjust their decision-making, building toward a consensus. Here’s Unanimous A.I. founder Louis Rosenberg explaining swarm intelligence at a recent TEDx Talk.

Unanimous A.I. has Customized Jerseys made some scarily accurate predictions in the past using swarm intelligence, as our previous article explains. For instance, the swarm went a perfect 7-0 in its most recommended picks for an English Premier League slate earlier this season.