Men’s NFC Ezekiel Elliott Nike Navy 2017 Pro Bowl Game Jersey

Men's NFC Ezekiel Elliott Nike Navy 2017 Pro Bowl Game Jersey
Men’s NFC Ezekiel Elliott Nike Navy 2017 Pro Bowl Game Jersey

Dallas Cowboys Jerseys Many mock drafts project that LSU’s Leonard Fournette will be the top running back taken in this year’s NFL draft. Some of the league’s all-time greats at his position touted the former St. Augustine standout’s skill set as special.

“Talent-wise, I don’t think we’ve seen a back like that come out in the draft in a long time,” said former Denver Broncos running back Terrell Davis.

Some of of the greatest Cheap Jerseys running backs of all time expect Fournette to have an impact similar to Dallas Cowboys rookie Ezekiel Elliott, who led the NFL in rushing with 1,631 yards, if he lands in the right situation.

“I think he’s a guy much like Ezekiel that could step in right away and possibly be a Pro Bowl guy,” said former Chargers great LaDainian Tomlinson. “(He can) be a guy that can be right up there in the leaders for rushing champion because he has that ability. Now it depends on where he goes and plays, like what the team will look like and how they build the team around him, but I think the sky is the limit for Leonard.”

Tomlinson said Fournette reminds him of Herschel Walker.

Ladainian Tomlinson says Leonard Fournette can be a pro bowl rookie with right team
“Just that downhill and run through you, good feet. And when he’s in the open field, he’s gone. Just stop running. He is gone,” he said of Fournette.

Former Rams great and New Cheap nfl Jerseys Orleans native Marshall Faulk said he was familiar with Fournette’s family and said he was sad to see the former Heisman Trophy candidate sit out parts of this season with an ankle injury. Faulk said he expects Fournette will be a “dynamic” runner in the NFL.

“I hope for him that he gets to experience what Ezekiel experienced, which is you go to a team with a good offensive line that maybe had some misfortune last year,” Faulk said. “Because it’s hard playing behind an offensive line or offensive lines that are not committed to run blocking or teams that are not committed to running the football.”

NFL Network analyst Steve Mariucci, who got to coach Fournette in his final high school game, called Fournette a “stud.”

Marshall Faulk thinks Leonard Fournette will be dynamic in the NFL
“He played on my Under Armour team, we won, he caught a pass for a touchdown, he’s a hard worker in practice,” Mariucci said. “And I think the success that Ezekiel Elliott had, not every kid is going to have an offensive line like that, but the success that he had shows you that

Customized Jerseys running backs are relevant and you better start drafting them in the first round.

“We had a span there where nobody would take one because you could just go by committee. Leonard Fournette is an early draft choice — he is going to make somebody better right now. He’s a great kid.”

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