Men’s Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson Nike Purple Team Color Game Jersey

Men's Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson Nike Purple Team Color Game Jersey
Men’s Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson Nike Purple Team Color Game Jersey

Minnesota Vikings Jerseys No sooner had the Minnesota Vikings cut ties with Hall of Fame-bound running back Adrian Peterson than the speculation began.

Wouldn’t Peterson be a perfect fit for the Green Bay Packers?

From a distance, that line of reasoning makes sense. The Packers will need an early down back if Eddie Lacy leaves in free agency. Peterson wants to be a No. 1 back for a contending team with a good offensive line and the Packers fit the description. And, oh by the way, the Packers could exact some payback from the division-rival Vikings for employing quarterback Brett Favre after he left Green Bay.

Up close, however, signing Cheap Jerseys Peterson makes little of no sense and the Packers appear to feel the same way. When general manager Ted Thompson said last week he will continue his policy of re-signing his players, Lacy was among those he had in mind. At the same time, coach Mike McCarthy called Lacy one of his core players on offense.

Nothing is ever simple in the NFL, but if the Packers’ decision comes down to Peterson or Lacy, they should stick with Lacy and never look back.Cheap nfl Jerseys Sure, there are risks attached to Lacy, but he has the edge over Peterson in terms of age, health and mileage. At this point in their careers, Lacy is a better, safer option than Peterson.

Here are some reasons why, none of which include getting revenge on the Vikings, which is talk-radio fodder and nothing more:

Age: NFL people don’t trust running backs over 30 due to the heavy toll on their bodies and Peterson will be 32 in two weeks. Meanwhile, Lacy is 27. Both are coming off seasons shortened by injury — Peterson had surgery for a torn meniscus after three games, Lacy had ankle surgery after five — but Peterson is a high-mileage vehicle (2,830 NFL carries) and Lacy is only gently used (873).

Another thing that
Customized Jerseys separates the two is their production in their abbreviated 2016 seasons. It was a small sample size, but Peterson averaged a mere 1.9 yards on 37 rushes and Lacy averaged 5.1 yards on 71 carries.

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