Mens Indianapolis Colts Vontae Davis Nike Royal Blue Game Jersey

Mens Indianapolis Colts Vontae Davis Nike Royal Blue Game Jersey
Mens Indianapolis Colts Vontae Davis Nike Royal Blue Game Jersey

The Colts have been more of a finesse, big-play team than one that will punch its opponent in the mouth and have no problem playing with a street-brawl mentality.

How else can you explain them losing the AFC South in the month of December the last two seasons?

Mentally and physically tough teams don’t let the Houston Texans come into their own backyard and snatch the division away from them. But that’s been the case, and that’s why the Colts are trying their best to change their image.

That’s one of
Indianapolis Colts Jerseys the reasons why they decided to tackle in training camp, something new general manager Chris Ballard has been looking for them to do. The Colts’ previous approach of not tackling was proved not to work, because they’ve routinely been a poor defensive team.

The altercation between Hilton and Davis came after a play when the players were walking back to the huddle during a red-zone situation. Hilton bumped into Davis, who then turned around and shoved his teammate back. The two became tangled up before Pagano and Cheap Jerseys several receivers ran over to break up the skirmish.

Hilton got the better of Davis several plays later when he ran an out route and slid to the ground to catch a touchdown pass from Cheap nfl Jerseys quarterback Scott Tolzien. Hilton hopped up quickly and started celebrating the touchdown.

Hilton and Davis shook hands at the end of that portion of practice.

“Just competing, that’s all,” Hilton said. “At the end of day, guys are going to compete, we want to show that dog. Me and [Davis] showed our dog. We’re just trying to get better.”

Pagano said he wants his players to get as “close to the line as possible” but don’t cross it when it comes to being physical.

“Talked to the Customized Jerseys guys about what the line is in being aggressive,” he said. “We talk to them about it all the time. We’re going to play through the framework of the rules. You can’t fight in the game. You fight in the game, throw a punch, you’re going to get ejected, you’re going to get disqualified. We all know these things are going to happen. Guys have to learn how to control their emotions.”