Mens Denver Broncos Brock Osweiler Nike Orange Game Jerseys

Mens Denver Broncos Brock Osweiler Nike Orange Game Jerseys
Mens Denver Broncos Brock Osweiler Nike Orange Game Jerseys

When free agency started months ago, the Cleveland Browns made a splash; Not the splash many expected as free agents were allowed to sign though. Rather than signing someone, Cleveland traded for a second round pick in 2018 and quarterback Brock Osweiler.

The veteran quarterback has been a mixed bag so far in the NFL. When he played for the Denver Broncos, Osweiler was solid. When he bolted for the Houston Texans last offseason, his play went down the drain fast! So, which quarterback will the Browns get in 2017?

Most indications seem to side with the possibility of Osweiler at worst being in the discussion to start this season. Is that really the best Houston Texans Jerseys
scenario for the former Arizona State product? That all depends on the numerous other factors surrounding the quarterback position.

With preseason in the foreseeable future, lets take an early look at why Osweiler deserves to start and why he should be holding a clipboard.

Osweiler has won a playoff game. Sure, Cleveland is not going to the playoffs this season, but the team is expected to make significant progress this fall. Should everything go as planned, maybe 2018 will be the season people can realistically debate Cleveland’s playoff chances.

Osweiler played with one of the best quarterbacks in history (Peyton Manning) and knows how to turn the lows in games into positives. Cheap Jerseys Despite having some degree of success, Osweiler has been through a lot as a quarterback.

He can lead the offense while fellow quarterbacks Cody Kessler and DeShone Kizer learns.Would you rather have someone who has been through the highs and lows instead of a rookie or second-year player who still has a lot work to do?

It is highly unlikely Osweiler has a long-term future in Cleveland. While he is in NE Ohio though, Osweiler could be a good bridge quarterback. Once the 2017 season is over or either Kizer/Kessler proves they deserve to start, then after this season Osweiler could play for another team.

There is no pressure on Kizer/Kessler with this one. It is all on Osweiler. For the time being (at least), Osweiler can try to win in Cleveland while also showing everyone last season in Houston was just a fluke.

Should he do that, another team could consider him more as a long-term option. Regardless of how he plays in the preseason and maybe regular season, expecting to see him with the Browns in 2018 is very hard to imagine.

On the other hand, it was not like Osweiler was the second coming of manning when he was in Denver. Who is to say last season’s Cheap nfl Jerseys Osweiler isn’t the quarterback we will continue to see for the next X years?

His release, like Kessler’s is not the greatest in terms of speed and strength. There is a lot left to be desired.

Given the other options on the roster, trading away Osweiler would continue to add to Cleveland’s number of draft picks in future drafts. After all, stating with 100% that he remains with the team for all of this season is far from a guarantee. For the Browns’ sake, Osweiler could be let go following the season or if he was dealt, could do enough for another team to get a more preferred contract (from a team’s point of view).

If Osweiler starts, then when will Kizer and Kessler play? Kessler still needs to show that he can be more than a long-term backup in the NFL.

Kizer has done Customized Jerseys well since being drafted, but he has not taken any meaningful snaps in live-game action yet. Sure, what Kizer has displayed up to this point could in fact be the real deal, but it would be silly to declare that now.

Although sitting and learning has its benefits, for both Kizer and Kessler, they can only do that for so long before live-game reps are needed.