Mens Baltimore Ravens Justin Tucker Nike Purple Game Jerseys

Mens Baltimore Ravens Justin Tucker Nike Purple Game Jerseys
Mens Baltimore Ravens Justin Tucker Nike Purple Game Jerseys

Justin Tucker is the Ravens’ best player, the league’s best kicker, and if the rest of his career looks anything like his first five seasons, he’ll Cheap Jerseys probably end up in the Hall of Fame. For now, the 27-year-old remains focused on doing his job, which is to put the ball between the uprights with alarming regularity, even during an era when kickers have never been more consistent.

But Tucker isn’t a kicker who just excels in one aspect of his job; he’s money from anywhere on the field — he’s never missed an extra Cheap nfl Jerseys point or a kick from inside 30 yards and he’s made 91 percent of his attempts from 40-49 yards — which explains why he doesn’t see much difference in a point after touchdown and a record-breaking 75-yarder (which he converted during a Pro Bowl practice back in January).

“I’ve never attempted a 75-yarder in a game, but should the opportunity arise, not a whole lot would be different between a 75-yard attempt and a PAT,” Tucker said during an appearance SiriusXM NFL Radio with Alex Marvez and Gil Brandt (via Pro Football Talk). “And I Customized Jerseys know a lot of people will probably be scratching their heads, [because] I think it’s drilled into every football fan’s mind that a longer kick requires lower trajectory.
“We make these analogies to golf, how it’s like you’re driving a ball off a tee box when you’re trying to kick a ball from farther away, but the difference in the trajectory, I think, is manageable if you’re hitting a good ball. Those first six to eight yards are the most important. That’s where a potential blocker could get his hand on the ball, six to eight yards out. I don’t think the trajectory is significant enough.”

On the surface it sounds ridiculous — until you look at Tucker’s numbers. Last season, he converted 97 percent of his attempts and was a Baltimore Ravens Jerseys
perfect 10 for 10 beyond 50 yards. In fact, his only miss on the year came on a kick between 30-39 yards (and was blocked). Not surprisingly, Tucker was the NFL’s best kicker in terms of conversion percentage, attempts and makes. At the other end of the spectrum? Buccaneers 2016 second-round pick Roberto Aguayo made just 71 percent of his attempts, which ranked dead last in the league.

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