Mens Arizona Cardinals Tyrann Mathieu Nike Cardinal Game Jerseys

Mens Arizona Cardinals Tyrann Mathieu Nike Cardinal Game Jerseys
Mens Arizona Cardinals Tyrann Mathieu Nike Cardinal Game Jerseys

Chances are, your mind immediately thought of premier pass-rushers like Von Miller of the Broncos, Khalil Mack of the Raiders, J.J. Watt of the Texans, or Cheap Jerseys Aaron Donald of the Rams. Maybe a linebacker like the Panthers’ Luke Kuechly, a safety like the Seahaws’ Earl Thomas, or a corner like Thomas’ teammate Richard Sherman or the Broncos’ Chris Harris.

All of those answers are incorrect according to Cardinals defensive back Tyrann Mathieu, who says that when he’s healthy, the best defensive player in the Cheap nfl Jerseys NFL is Cardinals defensive back Tyrann Mathieu.
“I’m feeling great, it will be a great year for us,” Mathieu said, per the Sporting News. “Any time I’m healthy I feel like I’m the best defensive player in the NFL.”
Mathieu has certainly been an impactful player during his four years in the NFL. Despite numerous injuries limiting him to 50 games (out of a possible 64), Mathieu has racked up 231 tackles, nine interceptions, 34 passes defenses, three forced fumbles, three interceptions, and a touchdown. His versatility allows him to line up as a cornerback on the perimeter or in the slot, as well as a Customized Jerseys safety playing deep over the middle or down in the muck. He’s even worked as a de facto linebacker at times, despite his diminutive (when compared to linebackers) stature.

That versatility is incredibly valuable, but as the saying goes, the best ability is availability, and Mathieu is too often not available to play. That’s probably why he went with the “when healthy” qualifier in his statement.
In any event, Mathieu feels like his return, in conjunction with the Cardinals’ moves this offseason, points toward a bounceback season for a team that many thought would contend for a Super Bowl last year.

“We didn’t quite have the season we wanted to last year, but all in all we’re going to have a great defense again,” Mathieu said. “We added a Arizona Cardinals Jerseys
couple guys that could really help us out. We’ve got a few guys coming back from injuries, all in all it will be a great year for us. We’re a great football team, we were a top-10 offense last year and we were a top-five defense last year. I just didn’t think the ball bounced our way last year and that was indicated in our record. If we can just correct a few small things we’ll be a dominant team again. It’ll be five or six teams that definitely have a shot to win a Super Bowl and I do believe the Cardinals are one of those teams.”

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