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The quarterback is the most essential position in all of the major American sports. In many ways, the quarterback plays football and everyone else on offense is simply an upgrade of weapons, much like in a video game where you hope to continuously level up. Defensive players exist too … but only to stop the quarterback. In previous eras of football, this may not have been true, but today it is.

And no quarterback drafted in the last eight years has been as successful as Russell Wilson, the 75th overall pick in the 2012 draft by the Seattle Seahawks.

Through five seasons, Cheap Jerseys Wilson has been to the playoffs five times, won 56 regular season games, eight playoff games, been to two Super Bowls, and won one. He holds all kinds of records and is on a rare trajectory that could put him in elite company once he finally leaves it all behind for a post-retirement career of trying to revive the Entourage television series. Wilson is one of 94 quarterbacks drafted since 2009, one of three of those guys to start a Super Bowl, and the only one of those three to win it.

It’s a pretty incredible stretch run of being the only quarterback to do that, but strangely enough it turns out it’s pretty hard for any young QB to win a Super Bowl.

The last quarterback besides Wilson to be drafted and go on to win a Super Bowl as the starter was Joe Flacco in 2008. However, these are the Cheap nfl Jerseys quarterbacks to win a Super Bowl since 2001:

Tom Brady (drafted 2000), Brad Johnson (1992), Ben Roethlisberger (2004), Peyton Manning (1998), Eli Manning (2004), Drew Brees (2001), Aaron Rodgers (2005), Flacco, and Wilson.

So Flacco and Wilson are the only quarterbacks drafted in the last 11 years to start and win a Super Bowl. Wilson is the only quarterback drafted since 2004 to start multiple Super Bowls. Consider also the 35 quarterbacks since 2009 have been drafted higher or in the same position as Wilson (the Saints took Garrett Grayson 75th overall also, and he fell out of favor pretty quickly).

And if you think it’s too Customized Jerseys soon to judge the 2015 QB class against these odds, consider that Wilson won a Super Bowl in his second season. The 2016 class could also get a pass, but that didn’t stop Dak Prescott from leading the Cowboys to the number one seed in the NFC.

We can see above that from 1998 to 2005, a total of six quarterbacks were drafted that started and won a Super Bowl, and they won a combined 13 championships. So far between 2006 and 2016, well over a hundred quarterbacks have been drafted, and only two have won a Super Bowl. I don’t know how soon the next change-over will happen, when some of these other guys may win Super Bowls, but I do know that at least Wilson is clearly capable.

And I don’t doubt that he has a Seattle Seahawks Jerseys high likelihood to win another.

Here is the full list of every QB drafted since 2009. First row is first rounders, and I’ve listed draft position for those who went ahead of Wilson’s #75. Asterisks for the other two to start a Super Bowl.

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