Introduction and culture of NFL

American Football League (National Football League, referred to as the NFL) is the North American four professional sports league first, is the world’s largest professional American Football League.

The league was first established in May 1920 in the name of the American Professional Football Association and later renamed the National Football League on January 28, 1922.
The National Football League consists of 32 teams from different regions and cities in the United States, divided into two federations of the American Football Association (AFC) and the National Football Association (NFC). Each association consists of four divisions of north and south, each with four teams and affiliated players.

The annual events are divided into pre-season (Preseason), regular season (Regular Season) and post-season (Playoff) three time periods. The preseason played a total of four weeks as a warm-up in the regular season.

The regular season starts at the first week of the US Labor Day in early September, and each team plays 16 games (usually on Thursday, Sunday or Monday afternoon) for a total of 17 weeks from September to December, The

After the regular season, each association will have six teams into the playoffs, respectively, the four championships, and the remaining team in the record of the two “wild card” (Wild Card) team.

After three rounds of knockout, the two championships will meet in the Super Bowl tournament, which is scheduled for the preliminaries, for the Champions League Cup (Vince Lombardi Trophy). After a week at the end of the Super Bowl, the best players of the year will be selected for Pro Bowl – a star tournament in Hawaii.

January 16, 2016, the Chinese American Football League (referred to as: AFLC) National Finals in Shanghai Pudong source deep sports center started, the winner will be crowned the national championship.

The National Football League (NFL) is the world’s largest professional American football league and the world’s most commercial sporting league. In the United States, this is a very appeal of the movement, the NFL is the most famous professional football league in the United States, so also have the most fans, the other league also tried to compete with the NFL, but failed to get such a big support as the NFL , With so many fans.
NFL has a total of 32 teams, because they are private investment, operating in accordance with the company model, it is also known as privileged members (Franchise). Each team has 53 players in the regular season. Different from the American occupation

Baseball League (MLB), National Basketball League (NBA) and National Hockey League (NHL), the Union has no team in Canada because Canada itself has the Canadian Football League.
Most of the big cities in the United States have a team, in addition to Texas San Antonio, in the city and metropolitan areas are equipped with a team. The Washington Reds are the most profitable in the US professional campaign with a total market capitalization of about $ 1.4 billion.

The American Football Conference (AFC), formerly known as the American Football League (AFL), which had previously been competing with the NFL in the 1960s, had previously had three of the same names in the history of the American Football Conference. Union, also known as AFL Ⅳ), the heyday of 10 teams.
On June 8, 1966, the two major coalitions announced a settlement and signed a merger treaty to become the current NFL, the first four years still in an independent non-interference mode of operation, until 1970, the official unified management standards, AFL gave up the original name , Changed to AFC.

Like American college football, NFL American Football Rugby Football (Rugby Football, Chinese more than football) developed
Rugby field

From 1920 to a Canton (Canton, Ohio) Hupmobile agent set up. Legendary athlete Jim Thorpe was elected president. 11 team of organizations, in addition to a team outside the Midwest, initially not like a league, and more like a non-hijacked agreement. In the early days, APFA members continued to compete with team members who were not APFA.

In 1921, APFA began to list the official rankings, and in the following year changed its name to the National Football League (National Football League). However, the NFL in the 1920s is difficult to call a large alliance. The team frequent access. The pellets contain a variety of representatives representing Decatur Staleys, LaRue, Ohio Orang Indians, an Native American costume, and show dog show.
Former college stars like Red Orange and Benny Friedman began to enter the occupation, professional competition slowly becoming more and more popular. By 1934, all the small market teams had moved to the big city, except the Green Bay Packers.

Before the end of the Second World War, professional American football began to compete with the University of fans to draw attention. The widespread use of T-shaped T-shaped has produced a fast-paced, high-score attracting many fans. In 1945, the Cleveland Rams moved to Los Angeles, becoming the first major league team in the West Bank. In 1950, the NFL received three teams from the existing All-America Football Conference, which expanded to 13 teams.

In the 1950s, professional American football finally got the status of the big league movement. NFL embraces televisions to give Americans the opportunity to follow stars like Bobby Layne, Paul Hornung, Otto Graham and Johnny Unitas. In 1958 in New York City’s NFL Championship so that Unitas and his Baltimore pony teammates into a national well-known figure.

Fusion alliance

Occupational American football grew rapidly in the mid-1960s, and in some surveys it became the most favorite sport in the United States. The American Football League (AFL) was founded in 1960 because many people want to benefit from the growth of the welcome level, and the NFL can not provide it, so a competitive coalition, the American Football League (AFL) was established in 1960. AFL introduced some NFL does not have the characteristics, such as the wider-open pass attack, the player embroidered on the shirt on the name, an official clock so that the audience know the rest of the game (NFL use the referee table to calculate the time, and cyclical Time). The new alliance also addresses the financial issues after establishing a broadcast rights sharing and cable television broadcast campaign.

AFL also forced the NFL to expand: Dallas Cowboys set up against the AFL of the Dallas Texans. The Texans moved to Kansas to become chiefs in 1963; the Minnesota Vikings were NFL pellets from the AFL given to Max Winter; the Atlanta Falcons gave Ranki Smith to discourage him from buying AFL’s Miami Dolphins.
The constant competition between the NFL and the AFL is almost beyond the spirit of the sport. In 1966, the two coalitions agreed to merge in the 1970 season. 10 AFL teams join the existing NFL team to form the NFL American Football Conference. The other 13 NFL teams became the National Football Conference. Another result of the merger was the four-year-old AFL-NFL championship, the World Championship of Professional Football, which was renamed the Super Bowl into the NFL championship after the merger.

In the 1970s and 1980s, the NFL reinforced his position as the top American audience movement and an important role in American culture. Super Bowl Most of the time for an unofficial national holiday and highest ratings for TV shows. Monday night football (Monday night Football), launched in 1970 for the first time, because of its mixed sports entertainment to bring high ratings.
NFL expands to new markets and business adventures. In 1986, the league began a series of pre-season exhibition, known as the US Cup, held outside the United States international locations. In 1991, the league set up the Rugby World League (now the current European American Football League), a German and Dutch team with the development of the Union. The NFL conducted a regular tournament in Mexico City in 2005 and intends to continue the race in other countries. In 2003, NFL founded its own cable TV channel, NFL Network.

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