How do I evaluate the Patriots to reverse the Falcons to win the 51st Super Bowl?

The 51st American National Football League (NFL) Super Bowl was held in Houston, the New England Patriots staged an incredible reversal. In the case of up to 25 points behind, the Patriots distal counterattack tied the game into the overtime match. White in the overtime to complete the touchdowns, the Patriots to 34 to 28 reversal victory over the Atlanta Falcons, the Patriots won the Super Bowl 5 times, which is they win again after 2015.

This is the Patriots 6 years into the Super Bowl, the number one star is the legendary quarterback Brady. Falcons have experienced 19 years after the ups and downs finally broke into the Super Bowl. Two teams in the first section did not find the attack state, both sides can not score, the first section of the two teams at the end of each other.

After the beginning of the second section of the Falcon team took the lead into the state, in the quarterback Ryan’s organization, they
New England Patriots Jerseys continued to attack a complete attack forward, and soon attack the Patriots 5 yards line. The second section there are 12 minutes and 20 seconds, the Falcons use a pistol tactics, the Patriots defensive completely ignored the Ryan around the Freeman, he rushed into the array area excitedly leaps to complete touchdowns, Bryant’s penalty is no problem, the Falcons lead by 7-0.

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The offensive team’s excellent performance to the Falcon team’s defense group to bring power, their excellent defense so that the Patriots even forward 10 yards are not completed. Falcons attack again is to quickly advance, and soon advance to the Patriots 19 yards line, Ryan also seize the opportunity. In the second quarter with 8 minutes and 55 seconds left, the Falcon’s Hooper quickly rushed into the array area, Ryan an accurate long pass to him in front of the robbery to complete the touchdown, the referee at the same time to produce the yellow flag, Penalty for the Patriots defensive player to interfere with the ball, which does not affect the results of touchdowns success. Bryant’s penalty kicked smoothly, the Falcons led by 14-0.

Patriots did not retreat at this time, can only think of ways to score as soon as possible. Under the organization of Brady, they attacked the Falcons’ 23-yard line. Half of the first 2 minutes and 36 seconds, Brady want to pass to Amandora, but this tactic with Alford see through, he successfully cut the ball and long-range raid 82 yards to complete touchdowns. Plus the penalty is still scored, the Falcons made a perfect start, they lead by 21 to 0 lead.

The pass was steals the Brady exceptionally frustrated, the Patriots other players morale is also somewhat low. Once again debut attack, the Patriots efforts to attack, Brady ball short pass to White, he successfully rushed to the Falcon team 3 yards line, but unfortunately teammate Bennett attack foul let them punish, back 10 yards. Seeing the second quarter of the time is running out, the Patriots can only choose to shoot, Gesstkowski put the ball into the halftime at the end of the Patriots to 3 to 21 behind.

After the start of the third quarter, the Patriots defensive team performed well, they succeeded in suppressing the first attack of the Falcons. But Brady and offensive team of teammates status is still poor, Hogan, Edelman did not catch Brady sent the ball, Cheap Jerseys the results of the Patriots in the third gear attack can not advance 10 yards can only choose to abandon the kick. In the era of the Patriots so depressed, the Falcons will not give up the opportunity to end the opponent, Ryan organized the team continue to attack, successfully attack the Patriots 6 yards line. The third quarter left 8 minutes and 36 seconds when the Patriots defensive and missed Coleman, Ryan pass the ball to him, he easily rushed into the array area to reach the touchdowns, Bryant penalty kick , The Falcons lead by 28 to 3.

The Patriots did not have any escape route at this time, but their offensive state is still not ideal, the second wave of attack requires the fourth gear to complete the advance 10 yards, the next wave of attack Brady in the case of no one can even Own the ball before the attack. Fortunately, the Patriots are lucky, they attack the Falcons 5 yards line. Brady gave the ball to White, he was an emergency stop over the defensive player, the successful completion of touchdowns. But the penalty of Gesstkovsky did not even kick the ball, the Patriots to 9 to 28 behind. The third quarter of the last defense, the Patriots successfully resolve the opponent attack, they took 19 points behind into the fourth quarter.

The last day after the start of the Patriots start good, they quickly attack the Falcons 7 yards line, but then their quarterback protection group has problems, Brady was twice sacked. The results of the Patriots in the case can not complete the touchdowns can only choose to shoot attack, Gesstkowski scored 3 points, they are 12 to 28 behind. The Patriots ‘defensive team performed well, and they made a quarterback in the Falcons’ 36-yard line, and the Patriots got a great offensive position.

In the first two steps after the attack blocked, Brady successfully pass to Mitchell to complete 10 yards to advance through the crisis. Armandora’s hard performance helped the team to attack the Falcons’ 6-yard line. When the Falcons defensive missed Oman Dora, Brady timely pass the ball, Armandora completed touchdowns. The Patriots at this time can only choose 2 points conversion attack, Brady beautiful fake action to attract the defensive attention, he handed the ball to White, White ball rushed through the crowd in the array area, 2 points to get, patriotic The team to 20 to 28 behind, this time from the end of the game there are 6 minutes.

See the hope of the Patriots in the defense is very hard, but some minor mistakes, Freeman and Jones to help the team attack to the Patriots 23 yards line. Competition at this time a dramatic change, Frost succeeded in sacking Ryan, Compton’s foul led to the Cheap nfl Jerseys team was punished back 10 yards, the Falcons can only choose to abandon the kick, the Patriots from one’s own 9-yard line began to attack, The game time left 3 minutes and 30 seconds. In the scene fans “Brady” cries, the Patriots debut. The first two files attack Bredi almost opponents in the array area sack, the third gear attack long pass to Hogan complete 10 yards conversion.

The fourth quarter left 2 minutes and 3 seconds when Brady sent a long pass, Edelman a pair of three adverse circumstances with the help of the Falcon player’s legs, the rapid response to the ball caught. Through the video playback, the referee announced the success of the ball, the Patriots attack to the Falcons 41 yards line. The next two attacks, Brady accurately passed to Amandora and White, they attack the Falcons 1 yards line. Brady put the ball to White, he finished touchdowns, the Patriots once again choose 2 points conversion. Brady put the ball to Amandora, he took the ball into the array area, although he was pushed out of the defensive player, but the ball has been through the whole array area, the Patriots took 2 points successfully chase 28 Flat, this time from the end of the game there are 52 seconds. In the absence of suspension available, the Falcons can only quickly attack, Ryan in the backcourt of a long pass teammates did not receive, the Falcons can only choose to kick off. In the case of the remaining 3 seconds, the Patriots too late to complete an attack, the game into overtime, this is the first time in the history of Super Bowl overtime.

The Patriots were lucky enough to get the first chance to take offense. Under the organization of Brady, they proceeded smoothly, and the three-wave attack had attacked the Falcons’ 25-yard line. Patriots a pistol tactic, Brady short pass to White, he rushed to the Falcons 15 yards line. Brady sent a long pass to the rushed to the array area of ​​Bennett, he did not catch the ball, but the referee to produce the yellow flag, Campbell foul let the Patriots in the Falcons 2 yards line attack. Brady put the Customized Jerseys ball to the side of the White, he reached the defensive encirclement, in the Falcon team three players pulled, he tenaciously down in the array area to complete touchdowns, the Patriots successful lore to 34 to 28 reversal Win