Why the Giants think they’re a better team this season

The New York Giants finished 11-5 last season and made the playoffs for the first time since 2012. It was a successful season — even though it ended poorly with an ugly playoff loss at Green Bay — that left the team and its fans optimistic for what’s to come.

The Giants enter 2017 overflowing with optimism. They think they’re an even better team this season. The reasons:

The Giants signed wide receiver Brandon Marshall and tight end Rhett Ellison. They took tight end Evan Engram in the first round of the draft to add to a group that already included wide receivers Odell Beckham Jr. and Sterling Shepard.

Quarterback Eli Manning has some serious weaponry at his disposal. After a season where the Giants struggled to score points and achieve New York Giants Jerseys consistency on offense, the belief is they should improve drastically.

“On offense they have all the keys now. The offensive line has picked it up, they’ve been blocking well. They’ve got the keys for Eli to be making all those passes to all the guys who can get open.”

“From a personnel standpoint, I think there are some additions that we have to our team who are blending in nicely. There is added experience. Some guys have another year under their belt. So, there have been some improvements with those who were on our team last year. So, I think you combine those two factors and we have a reason to be optimistic.”

New York Giants Jerseys
New York Giants Jerseys

Some new weapons, and a less predictable offense, could help Eli Manning and the Giants improve upon last season’s 11-5 record. Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images
Schematic changes

The Giants Cheap Jerseys played almost exclusively last season in 11 personnel, the term for three wide receivers, a running back and a tight end. They used that personnel grouping for more than 90 percent of their offensive snaps, and it made them predictable.

They’re trying to be less predictable. They have a fullback on the roster and added Ellison as a blocking tight end. It should provide some schematic flexibility and offer new looks to opposing defenses.

The Giants are expected to use more two-tight-end sets and run some plays with a running back and fullback in the backfield together. It will give defenses something else to think about.

“Last year everybody knew what we were running. If you look at it, it was, what, 95 percent of the time? It was tough because we lost guys to injury and we were still able to go 11-5. So I’m going to be excited to see what we can do when we have a full offseason, with some good guys who can do really good things.”

“When you have a fullback on your roster, that enables you to have an additional personnel grouping that gives some different runs and different passes and that gives the defenses more they have to prepare for. It’s been time and time again about the 90 percent 11 Cheap nfl Jerseys personnel that we were last year, and I think when you have some additional personnel groupings, it just gives the defense a few more things they have to prepare for, it gives us a few more options, and the versatility is always going to be to our advantage, so that is something we are excited about.”

The Giants made a splash in last year’s free-agent market to bolster their defense. Defensive end Olivier Vernon, cornerback Janoris Jenkins and defensive tackle Damon Harrison signed lucrative, long-term deals. With so many new faces on defense, it took time for the unit to come together. The Giants were much better in the second half of the season than the first. They allowed 20.5 points per game in the first eight games, 15 over the final eight.

With another season Customized Jerseys under their belt. there is a belief that the defense can evolve from a really good unit to either great or special. Even first-year starters B.J. Goodson at middle linebacker and Darian Thompson at free safety are in their second seasons with the team. They were 2016 draft picks. The Giants defense has had a chance to digest and master coordinator Steve Spagnuolo’s system.

Why the Dallas Cowboys Should Sign Colin Kaepernick

Andy Benoit has praised Colin Kaepernick’s activism and criticized his play on the field.

On the 2017 Season Preview episode of The MMQB: 10 Things Podcast, Andy explained why Dallas needs Kaepernick, and Kaepernick fits in Dallas:

“We’ve talked Kaepernick on this show before, and I’m sure people believe that I have a vendetta against Kaepernick and whatever. I like him, I’m fine Dallas Cowboys Jerseys with him, I don’t like his style of play, I don’t think it fits many NFL offenses. But in Dallas’s case, where they have concerns at their No. 2 quarterback; Kellen Moore didn’t play as well as they wanted in the preseason, I think Kaepernick would be an excellent fit as a backup.

Dallas Cowboys Jerseys
Dallas Cowboys Jerseys

“I do think there’s a place in the NFL for Colin Kaepernick. It has to be on a team that would be conducive to letting him run around, and with Dallas having such a good offensive line, Kaepernick’s unrefinement in the pocket—and he’s badly unrefined—it becomes Cheap Jerseys not only less of an issue, it’s much less of an issue, he has a clean pocket to play from now, but it gives him a chance to get refined and learn and get better.

Chris Long, Malcolm Jenkins and Rodney McLeod stand in solidarity before the Eagles-Dolphins game. Jenkins began raising his fist during the 2016 season.
As Anthem Protests Expand, Fans Speak Out Strongly, Pro and Con
“And the beauty of Kaepernick is that he gives your running game the same thing Prescott does, which is the threat of the quarterback running. So read-option is an obvious example of that, you have to account for the quarterback in read-option. But what Dallas does, because they’re an outside zone-running team, they incorporate their play-action and bootleg game in such a fashion that the back-side defensive end must have eyes on the quarterback no matter what. So there’s no back-side pursuit against Dallas’s Cheap nfl Jerseys running plays, because what if they didn’t hand the ball off to the running back, and what if the quarterback kept it and went around the edge? You get that with Prescott, that’s why he’s valuable to Dallas. You would get that exact same effect with Kaepernick.

“So, I think there are 15-to-20 backup QBs better than Kaepernick, Kellen Moore is not one of them. Kaepernick would fit what Dallas wants to do. If they’re making a real football decision, they should go sign him as a No. 2, but I don’t think they will.”

What the Patriots don’t know (Tyreek Hill) can hurt them

More than any other regular-season game, NFL openers are surrounded in mystery. Teams have the freedom to work on their opponent as early as training camp. They’ll install plays and schemes that haven’t been printed on game film.

The Chiefs, who pull the most daunting task of the week with a trip to defending Super Bowl champion and league bully New England on Thursday, may have an edge here.

His name is Tyreek Hill.

Coming off a rookie New England Patriots Jerseys
season in which his role and production expanded as the year progressed, Hill finished as one of the league’s top threats, earning an All-Pro spot as a return specialist. He also led Chiefs wide receivers in receptions and yards and averaged 11.1 yards on 24 rushing attempts.

New England Patriots Jerseys
New England Patriots Jerseys

And he hasn’t played against the Patriots.

“I’m sure they have a lot of different ways to use him and he’s a very versatile player,” Patriots coach Bill Belichick said. “He can run, he can catch … I’m sure they use him a decoy. He’s a very explosive player.”

The Chiefs have indicated Hill will be used more on punt returns than kickoffs, and with the departure of Jeremy Maclin, the wide Cheap Jerseys receiver role for Hill is expected to expand.

But with an asset like Hill and Andy Reid’s reputation for creative play design — he had defensive tackle Dontari Poe throw a jump pass for a touchdown last season — along with additional time to prepare, no telling what the Chiefs could cook up.

“I don’t know exactly where he’ll be, but you certainly have to be conscious of him whenever he’s on the field,” Belichick said.

Hill didn’t Cheap nfl Jerseys show up much on the preseason stats sheet. On the first play of the opener he ran under an Alex Smith pass for a 32-yard gain. For the preseason, he caught two other passes, rushed once for 11 yards and didn’t return a kick.

A year ago, Hill was a fifth-round draft pick intent on proving himself, but he said there was little difference between his first and second preseasons.

“I was basically doing the same thing,” Hill said. “Coach (Reid) added a little more to my plate, but that’s what I get paid to do. I’m able to adjust and learn.”

The more he adjusts and learns, the better the Chiefs become.

“There haven’t been Customized Jerseys many things that we’ve asked him to do that he’s failed at,” Smith said. “We move him around and do different things and he’s so fluid and natural at almost all of them.”

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Why NFLPA requests order to block any Ezekiel Elliott suspension

The NFLPA filed a request for a temporary restraining order in the Eastern District of Texas, calling for the courts to block any suspension of Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott upheld by NFL arbitrator Harold Henderson, according to a court filing obtained by ESPN.

The NFLPA’s filing calls for the court to vacate any suspension of Elliott, accusing the league’s appeals process of being “fundamentally unfair” and citing new facts revealed during this week’s hearing that wrapped up Thursday. Elliott has been suspended for six games for violating the league’s personal conduct policy.

Source: Top investigator favored no Elliott ban
The NFL’s director of investigations testified in the hearing on the appeal of Ezekiel Elliott’s six-game suspension on Tuesday that she would not have recommended discipline for the Cowboys running back based on what she found, a source told ESPN.
A source told ESPN’s Josina Anderson that Elliott’s side will file more paperwork Friday.

“[We] have to file another set of papers formally seeking the temporary, which will happen later today. Hearing for temporary order likely Tuesday after Harold [Henderson] rules,” the source said.

Dallas Cowboys Jerseys
Dallas Cowboys Jerseys

If Henderson rules that Elliott should remain suspended for any stretch of games, the court then can decide to stay the suspension while it reviews the matter, and Elliott could potentially be allowed to play while the case works its way through the courts.

In the filing, the NFLPA alleges “there was a League-orchestrated conspiracy by senior NFL executives … to hide critical information — which would completely exonerate Elliott” in his domestic violence case.

“During the course of the past 13 months and culminating in the last three days of the appeal process, we have witnessed some of the most Dallas Cowboys Jerseys egregious violations of legal due process in connection with the NFL’s investigation of Mr. Elliott,” read a statement from Elliott’s attorneys Frank Salzano and Scott Rosenblum.

“Not only did the underlying facts not support the false allegations made against Mr. Elliott, but the process in which they were gathered and adjudicated were fundamentally unfair. Mr. Elliott looks forward to being completely vindicated and will continue to explore all other legal options to redress the reputational and monetary harm that he has suffered.”

According to the filing, Kia Wright Roberts, the NFL’s director of investigations, testified Tuesday that she was the only NFL employee who interviewed the running back’s accuser, Tiffany Thompson, during the investigation and that she would not have recommended discipline for Elliott based on what she found.

Roberts told Lisa Friel, who investigates domestic violence cases for the NFL, of her views, but was never allowed to convey them to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell or the “independent advisors.”

The NFLPA says Cheap Jerseys Roberts concluded after reviewing all evidence that Thompson “was not credible in her allegations of abuse,” according to the filing.

“The withholding of this critical information from the disciplinary process was a momentous denial of the fundamental fairness required in every arbitration and, of course, does not satisfy federal labor law’s minimal due process requirements,” the union wrote.

NFL spokesman Joe Lockhart said Friday morning that it’s “unequivocally, absolutely false” that Goodell was not aware of Roberts’ findings in the investigation before he imposed discipline.

“The idea that this was a conspiracy is false,” Lockhart said. “The credibility issues were addressed at length in the investigative report. Kia Roberts’ points were made very clearly. The 160-page report included a fulsome description of the credibility problems of both Tiffany Thompson and Ezekiel Elliott.” ]

Lockhart said the Cheap nfl Jerseys court will have to decide whether the league adhered to the CBA in its investigation, and the league obviously believes it did.

The NFLPA also asserted that Elliott and the union were denied the rights of a fair procedure when Henderson would not grant their request to have Thompson testify. Elliott did testify at this week’s appeal hearing.

“As such, not only was Elliott denied the most fundamental rights to be able to confront his accuser and to have her credibility assessed against his, the arbitrator also rendered himself incapable of directly assessing the credibility of Thompson — which was critical to the fairness of the proceeding,” the NFLPA wrote.

In addition, the NFLPA questioned Henderson’s refusal to have Goodell testify in the appeals hearing, saying: “Without testimony from the Customized Jerseys Commissioner, it was not possible to determine the full impact of the conspiracy, or precisely what the Commissioner knew or did not know about his co-lead investigator’s conclusion that there was not sufficient credible evidence to proceed with any discipline under a League Personal Conduct Policy.”