Mens Indianapolis Colts Andrew Luck Nike Royal Blue/White Team Game Jerseys

Mens Indianapolis Colts Andrew Luck Nike Royal Blue/White Team Game Jerseys
Mens Indianapolis Colts Andrew Luck Nike Royal Blue/White Team Game Jerseys

There’s inevitably a level of disrespect for the Indianapolis Colts, and their quarterback, year in and year out. The narrative of ‘he can’t win the big one’ that followed Peyton Manning for years despite being one of the best to ever play the game. And now we’re in the midst of more of that directed squarely at Andrew Luck with the team’s decline over the past couple seasons.

Never mind that Luck began his career 33-15, throwing for 12,957 yards, 86 touchdowns on 1,062 completions all while being sacked 100 times Cheap Jerseys through his first three seasons in the league with some just god awful rosters. He did receive praise for his ability to lift the team up and carry it on his shoulders at the time, but now following two 8-8 seasons that all seems to be forgotten.

There’s no mistaking that Luck didn’t put a good holistic stat line together in his 7 games throughout the 2015 season. He was notably off, forcing passes when he shouldn’t and putting his body at risk at an alarming rate. He was seeing ghosts in the pocket, and even running himself into pressure quite a bit.

However, it’s hard to argue that the Colts would have beaten the Denver Broncos, taken the Carolina Panthers to overtime or given the New England Patriots a legit game (27-34) – which the Colts hadn’t previously done since 2012 – without Luck in the lineup. Luck was definitely struggling against the lesser competition, though; it can’t be denied.

Last year Luck bounced back with a significant uptick in his play. He appeared more sure of himself, taking intelligent risks and was more accurate than he’d been in his career – not to mention he was 6th in the league in’s ‘Air-Yards to the Sticks’ compilation on third downs in 2016, showing his aggression to move the ball consistently on late downs.

But, how – you ask – did he compare to the rest of the league when looking at all significant statistics? Well, I looked at most of them anyhow. Cheap nfl Jerseys Something that I’d put together when studying quarterbacks in the past was something I named the MVQB. Trying to get a big-picture view of how each quarterback performed throughout the season was important.

For example, I wanted to see how effective each was in the red zone, on late downs with more than 6 yards to go, accuracy, air yards, touchdown-to-interception percentage differentials as well as using win percentage to a lesser degree. There were additional basic statistics involved as well, but I tried to weigh the most important towards success the most.

Here’s what I found when taking that big-picture approach towards Luck’s 2016 season.

In trying to convert the statistics into palpable numbers for comparison, I weighted each accordingly to achieve a tangible final product. When looking at the way the top-10 in the league shook out, it may just surprise some of the Luck naysayers.

In the end, among the 26 qualifying quarterbacks, Luck finished in the top-five in the league in three of the major categories – air yards (4th), passing yards compared to games played (5th) and his production in the red zone (3rd). Luck was also tied for seventh in both comparing touchdown-to-interception percentage and net adjusted passing yards per attempt, and was in seventh alone in third down production on passes with 6 yards or more to go to achieve first downs.

The only two categories in which Luck didn’t fall into the top-10 were completion rate, despite his best career numbers to date (63.5%), Customized Jerseys
and win percentage, as he was 15th and T-14th respectively. This alone puts Luck’s average position, just in rank, at 7.75 without considering the actual numbers being calculated.

After the actual numbers were calculated you can see what they’ve come out to show. Luck was a top-5 quarterback in the league when combining these individual formulas. While the quarterbacks ranked 6-10 appear to be pretty close in their final tallies, the top-5 have somewhat significant cushions from one spot to the next.

Naturally there are other categories in which Luck excelled amongst quarterbacks with at least 300 pass attempts. He threw 61 passes of at least 20 yards last year, good for 4th in the league, and was also 4th in the league in first down percentage, 9th in passer rating and 5th in passing touchdowns. Not a bad year, huh…

To be perfectly honest, I think it’s likely for the same reasons that we, as fans, criticize Luck. I see our collective critiques as being voiced to point out where Luck can improve and the hope for him to get over the desire to never let go of a play regardless of how bleak the opportunity for success may be.

Nationally, and Indianapolis Colts Jerseys
amongst other fan bases expecting perfection from everyone, Luck’s downfalls are seen as the demise to this profession only five years in to what appears to be an extremely bright career path. This ultimately is the culmination of nearly any, and every.

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Mens Jacksonville Jaguars Blake Bortles Nike Black Game Jerseys

Mens Jacksonville Jaguars Blake Bortles Nike Black Game Jersey
Mens Jacksonville Jaguars Blake Bortles Nike Black Game Jersey

Quarterback Blake Bortles knows his future with the Jacksonville Jaguars — and possibly the NFL — depends on his being significantly better than he was last season.

He has to shore up mechanical issues with his footwork and delivery. He has to cut down on turnovers, read defenses better, make quicker Cheap Jerseys decisions and be a more accurate passer. Bortles said he’s made some progress, especially mechanically, but has to make more during the Jaguars’ 10 organized team activities and mandatory minicamp.

“I think this is by far the most important month of my career,” Bortles said after the first OTA on Tuesday. “And then the following month will be just as important and so on and so forth until we start rolling.”

Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles says he is working hard to address a plethora of issues that have plagued him early in his career, including his mechanics, decision-making and passing accuracy, in an effort to prove he belongs in the NFL. Reinhold Matay/USA TODAY Sports
It looked as if Bortles and the Jaguars were on their way to doing that after his breakout season in 2015 when he set single-season franchise records for passing yards (4,428) and passing touchdowns (35).

In the 2016 season,Cheap nfl Jerseys however, Bortles completed 58.9 percent of his passes for 3,905 yards and 23 touchdowns with 16 interceptions. His mechanics came under scrutiny as his footwork got sloppy and his delivery became longer and longer.

Offensive coordinator Greg Olson was fired on Oct. 29 after the Jaguars’ loss at Tennessee in a nationally televised Thursday night game. Head coach Gus Bradley was fired after the team’s loss at Houston on Dec. 18.

The Jaguars finished with three victories — the sixth consecutive season in which they lost at least 11 games — and Bortles’ poor play was a big reason.

As soon as the season ended he headed to California to work with his throwing coaches at the 3DQB training facility. They helped him clean up his mechanics after his rookie season, and he said he feels good about the changes they helped him make.

The Jaguars were without several starters, including defensive backs Jalen Ramsey and A.J. Bouye, as well as offensive lineman Branden Albert as organized team activities began Tuesday in Jacksonville.
Even so, he concedes that he understands if people are skeptical about his chances of being a viable starting quarterback.

“Obviously, I Customized Jerseys believe I can do it,” Bortles said. “I believe I can do it at this level and do it well, and I know that hasn’t always been the case. That doesn’t mean I’ve lost confidence in myself. It is important for those guys to have that belief in me or whoever is playing quarterback.

“That’s extremely important for guys to have that belief in their quarterback, that everything’s going to get done properly and balls are going to be delivered at right place and you’re going to get them in the right play and all that. That’s a never-ending battle of earning those guys’ trust and respect.”

The Jaguars gave him somewhat of a vote of confidence by picking up his fifth-year option, which would pay him nearly $20 million in 2018. That amount would be guaranteed for injury only unless he was on the roster on the first day of the 2018 league year, which would make it fully guaranteed.

The team’s Jacksonville Jaguars Jerseys decision to pick up the option was widely criticized considering how poorly Bortles played in 2016 — and he said he understands that, too.

“It’s that saying, like, ‘What have you done for me lately?'” Bortles said. “Well, that’s our lately and that’s my lately, so until we get a chance to go play again in September and change that narrative that’s who we are. We’ve got a long ways to go to fix that and change that and it’s going to take place over the next couple months.”

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Mens Kansas City Chiefs Jamaal Charles Nike Red Game Jerseys

Mens Kansas City Chiefs Jamaal Charles Nike Red Game Jerseys
Mens Kansas City Chiefs Jamaal Charles Nike Red Game Jerseys

When running back Jamaal Charles signed a one-year deal to join the Broncos on Tuesday, he told local media that he “always wanted to play in Denver” and that he grew up a John Elway fan. Charles’ college teammate and former Packers tight end Jermichael Finley later posted on Twitter an old photo of Charles wearing a No. 7 Broncos jersey as proof.

Charles also said that getting released by the Chiefs in February after he had spent nine seasons with the team was “business, but it’s also personal as well.”

“It is what it is,” he Cheap Jerseys added. “At the end of the day, they let me go and I’m not there. I’m starting a new chapter and I’m happy with my new chapter, really.”

His comments seemed to include bitterness toward the team that drafted him and later cut him.

But on Thursday, while a guest on the podcast “Unmatched Sports with Cal Jones,” Charles used the platform to try to clarify his remarks and affirm that he has no ill feelings toward the Chiefs or Kansas City.

“I felt like it was more personal to the Chiefs than it was to me,” he said on the podcast. “Them letting me go, I love this community. I did a lot. I sweat, bleed, two ACLs, meniscus, I left that all out here in Kansas City. My heart will always be in Kansas City. It’s nothing personal.”

Despite two down Cheap nfl Jerseys seasons because of multiple knee surgeries, Charles hoped the Chiefs would keep him around. He played only eight games from 2015-16 after producing three straight 1,000-rushing-yards seasons. He wasn’t the same guy last year, and he admitted as much Monday. He physically wasn’t ready.

But had the Chiefs approached him about revising his contract — he had one year and $3.75 million in salary remaining — he would have taken it.

“I thought maybe they would give me a grace period. But I haven’t performed the last two years,” Charles said. “At the same time, I Customized Jerseys know it was about business. I think it would have been cool if they came and told me about a pay cut because I think I would’ve taken that pay cut, because I think I owed it to them for allowing me to be on the team. But I felt like when I got that call, it was just like, man, it was just OK, man. If it can happen to Peyton Manning it can happen to anybody.”

Manning was released by the Colts in 2012 after multiple neck surgeries and after missing a season to recover. In Denver, he also accepted a $4 million pay cut just two years after leading one of the most prolific offenses in NFL history and a year after guiding the Broncos to Super Bowl XLVIII.

Charles said he felt like “a free man” when the Chiefs released him, but then reality set in. More than two months passed before the Broncos hosted him on a visit and he signed on to return.

Monday he’s expected to take the practice field for the first time as Bronco, sporting new colors and a new jersey number (No. 28). His Kansas City homecoming will be Oct. 30, the Broncos’ first of two meetings with their AFC West rival. The teams will meet again Dec. 31, for the regular-season finale in Denver.

“I won’t be against Kansas City,” he said. “That sounds crazy, man. I would never be against Kansas City, because at the end of the day, they Kansas City Chiefs Jerseys gave me my chance here. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to show them what I can do. Right here was my first opportunity, my first dream to play in the NFL and everything started here. I wish I could have finished out, but God had a different plan for me, and I’m just excited for the next chapter.”

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Mens Los Angeles Rams Jared Goff Nike Navy Game Jerseys

Mens Los Angeles Rams Jared Goff Nike Navy Game Jerseys
Mens Los Angeles Rams Jared Goff Nike Navy Game Jerseys

Quarterback Jared Goff was the No. 1 pick in the 2016 NFL draft, and after not playing in the first nine games of his rookie season, he started the last seven games without leading the Los Angeles Rams to a single win. He completed less than 55 percent of his passes, threw more interceptions than touchdowns and failed to eclipse 1,100 yards on the season. The team then landed the fifth-overall pick in the 2017 NFL draft, which went to the Tennessee Titans as part of the trade to get Goff a year earlier.

Everything in the previous paragraph points to Goff as being a giant bust and a franchise-ruining draft pick. Despite the evidence, I am still not ready to write him off.

I didn’t grade him as a top-10 pick coming out of college, but he carried a mid-first-round grade, and quarterbacks always get pushed up. He played Cheap Jerseys well in college, completing over 62 percent of his passes for his career and throwing 96 touchdowns to 30 interceptions over three years. He was able to get the ball down the field, and he did so with a very poor supporting cast at Cal.

The way some analysts are abandoning Goff, who was the consensus top quarterback in that draft among media evaluators, seems abrupt and an overreaction to a prospect’s first seven starts.

He lacked any form of success in his rookie year, but it was a very small sample size considering how much talent he brings to the table. Carson Wentz had a few good games as a rookie for the Philadelphia Eagles, but you can find a seven-game stretch where he had similar struggles. Yet he is thought of as a franchise quarterback, while Goff’s NFL obituary is already being written. As bad as it was in 2016, there are still reasons to think Goff could turn it around as early as the 2017 season.

It is difficult to assess how good Sean McVay will be as the new coach of the Rams, but after many years of Jeff Fisher, it is very easy to imagine Cheap nfl Jerseys McVay being a massive upgrade. Fisher had a long time to show his colors with the Titans, then the Rams, but he had to wear fan bases pretty thin in order to have people celebrate a day named after you on July 9th (7-9).

On top of having mediocre teams, he struggled to develop young talent across the field, and had a history of undermining quarterbacks. He stuck to veterans too long at times and yanked young players before they could get their footing. The controversy of sitting Goff in favor of Case Keenum at the start of the season became a comedy as the Rams quickly fell out of contention after one of the flukiest 3-1 starts in recent memory.

Sean McVay, right, is welcomed as the Los Angeles Rams’ new coach by Kevin Demoff, the NFL football team’s chief operating officer, in Thousand Oaks, Calif., Friday, Jan. 13, 2017. (AP Photo/Michael Owen Baker)
(AP Photo/Michael Owen Baker)

Yet just losing Fisher isn’t enough to turn things around. McVay brings some reason for optimism. As offensive coordinator of the Washington Redskins, he developed fourth-round pick Kirk Cousins into the type of quarterback who was paid almost $20 million in 2016 and will earn $24 million this season. Cousins will reach free agency with enormous bargaining power after the 2017 season if he doesn’t sign an extension or receive the franchise tag again. He was a part of a team that built the offense around the quarterback, adding talent across the field and investing in the offensive line.

That offense went Customized Jerseys from solid to deadly during his time in Washington, picking up from where Kyle Shanahan left that unit and improving upon it. His success made him the youngest coach in NFL history at 31 years old. There is certainly reason to be concerned, especially as he has to adjust to a thin roster, but he brings hope to the team, the city and to Goff specifically.

In addition to the new coach, the Rams should have new weapons in 2017. McVay was too late to throw his body in front of the Tavon Austin contract, but they targeted Robert Woods to replace Kenny Britt on the outside. Woods was a superstar at Southern Cal who was underwhelming in Buffalo, but he brings some upside as a possession receiver with toughness and a penchant for blocking downfield. The team will hope “the other” Mike Thomas — the one out of Southern Mississippi — comes along in Year 2.

McVay will likely be much more invested in three rookies: Receivers Cooper Kupp and Josh Reynolds bring different skill sets that the Rams could take Los Angeles Rams Jerseys
advantage of, and tight end Gerald Everett, who drew comparisons to the Redskins’ Jordan Reed during draft season. McVay’s offense was at its most dominant when Reed was healthy and getting targets as a smaller tight end who could line up all over the formation and be a matchup nightmare in the passing game.

Kupp and Reynolds could play roles similar to the ones Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson had in Washington. Neither player would have drawn a comparison to those two out of context, but Kupp is a strong guy from a small school with run-after

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Youth Miami Dolphins Jarvis Landry Nike Aqua Team Color Game Jerseys

Youth Miami Dolphins Jarvis Landry Nike Aqua Team Color Game Jerseys
Youth Miami Dolphins Jarvis Landry Nike Aqua Team Color Game Jerseys

NFL Network’s show NFL Total Access is announcing which team has the best group of pass catchers in the league tonight at 7pm ET. Their tweet about the announcement contained hashtags for five teams, none of which were the Dolphins. The Tampa Bucs, Los Angeles Chargers, Cheap Jerseys New York Giants, New England Patriots, and Pittsburgh Steelers were all represented in the tweet over Miami. While those teams do have a talented array of receivers, there’s an argument that can be made that the 2017 Dolphins could be even better than those teams.

Starting off with Pro Bowl wide receiver Jarvis Landry, the Dolphins already have a star pass catcher that strikes fear in opposing defenses. Cheap nfl Jerseys Landry’s 94 receptions and 1,136 yards receiving in 2016 placed him tenth in yards and tied for seventh in catches overall.

Kenny Stills also performed at a high-level in his first year in the Adam Gase offense. Although he only caught 42 balls for 726 yards, his scoring production far outpaced his competitors that also finished in the top ten of the league in touchdown caught. Stills nine touchdown receptions meant that he caught a scoring pass once every 4.67 times the ball was completed to him. The player with the closest ratio, Green Bay’s DaVante Adams, caught a touchdown pass every 6.25 receptions.

DeVante Parker Customized Jerseys may not have finished in the top ten of any category like his teammates, but his overall performance makes him an ideal member of a dynamic trio of wide receivers. With the Dolphins’ offensive coordinator already going on record to say that Parker has the skills to be a No.1 receiver, all he needs to do is keep progressing from a solid 2016. Parker caught 56 passes for 744 and four touchdowns last year. If he can increase his production and consistency, he should be able to take that next step toward greatness.

Finally, the Miami Dolphins Jerseys Dolphins have a number of wild cards that could step up to make the team’s pass catchers one of the most feared in the league. If tight end Julius Thomas returns to the form he had during prior stints with Adam Gase and young receivers Leonte Carroo and rookie Isaiah Ford step up, the Dolphins may indeed have the best group of pass catchers once the 2017 season ends.

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Mens Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson Nike Purple Team Color Limited Jerseys

Mens Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson Nike Purple Team Color Limited Jerseys
Mens Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson Nike Purple Team Color Limited Jerseys

All-Pro running back Adrian Peterson has signed a deal with the New Orleans Saints after spending the first 10 years of his career with the Minnesota Vikings.

Saints coach Sean Payton said that Peterson would share backfield duties with running back Mark Ingram.

“I think the role will be very clear and defined,” Payton told reporters Tuesday from the Zurich Classic Celebrity Shootout at TPC Louisiana. “It’s a tough, long 16-week season. I think that he’s someone that certainly will be able to complement Mark. Those guys are different in some ways, and yet we feel like we’ve added another quality player.

“It goes without saying, (Peterson is) a guy that eventually is going to be in the Hall of Fame. But I think — we think — that he’s got more Cheap Jerseys years in his career, so we’re excited for that to happen.”

“Listen, man. It’s nothing new,” Ingram said on a conference call with reporters on Tuesday night. “I’ve been sharing the ball with one or two or maybe even three guys since I got here. I figured we was gonna draft somebody or get somebody in free agency. … I don’t care who comes in, where I’m at, who I’m playing with, I’m always gonna compete.”

Ingram said he has followed Peterson since he was a freshman at Oklahoma and that he is a big fan of the All-Pro.

“I admire his running style,” Ingram said. “I admire everything he’s been through, the adversity he’s overcome in knee injuries, having some 1,000-yard seasons, being a perennial leading rusher. The résumé, the name speaks for itself. And just having the opportunity to be in the same running back room with that guy, pick his brain, learn from him is only gonna make me better.”

Peterson told ESPN’s Cheap nfl Jerseys Josina Anderson that the two-year deal is worth $7 million. Peterson said he has agreed to 2017 compensation of $3.5 million (all guaranteed at signing), which includes a $1 million guaranteed salary in 2017 and a $2.5 million signing bonus.

The maximum incentives package is $8.25 million, and whatever incentives are reached in 2017 get added to the per-game roster bonuses in 2018.

The 2018 compensation is $3.5 million, none of which is guaranteed. It includes $2.4 million in total roster bonuses (which includes a $750,000 roster bonus earned on the third day of free agency plus $1.65 million in per-game roster bonuses), a $1.05 million salary and a $50,000 workout bonus.

“I am excited to be joining the New Orleans Saints,” Peterson told Anderson. “I’m really looking forward to this opportunity. Most importantly, I chose this team because it just felt right within my spirit. Additionally, my wife and family added their confirmation with the same feelings.

“On offense, it Customized Jerseys goes without saying that the Saints are really solid behind Drew Brees. I feel like my skill set can make them even more dominant as a unit. They have a great offensive line, which is something that stood out to me as well. I could tell from talking to head coach Sean Payton over the last two weeks that he did his due diligence in evaluating how I could contribute. I also did a lot of homework on the defense as well. While I know that injuries have played a role in performance, I also see areas of potential with a lot of younger guys having the ability to step up. Lastly, it goes without saying that the Saints have an amazing fan base and I look forward to making them proud and creating everlasting memories.”

Vikings-Saints? Adrian Peterson? Get ready for a hot night in Minneapolis
Anyone who knows Adrian Peterson knows he’ll come into 2017 intent on proving a point. His first opportunity to do it will come against his old team.

Saints don’t need vintage Adrian Peterson for deal to make sense
While there are questions about 32-year-old Adrian Peterson, the Saints are getting an all-time great (with a chip on his shoulder) at a discount.
Peterson, who turned 32 last month, became a free agent when the Vikings decided not to pick up their $18 million option on him.

Peterson now gets an immediate chance to play against his former team. The Saints visit the Vikings in Week 1 as part of ESPN’s Monday Night Football doubleheader.

Peterson had Minnesota Vikings Jerseys also visited with the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks while looking for the right spot to continue his Hall of Fame career.

The Saints have a No. 1 running back in Mark Ingram, who is 27 years old and under contract for two more years. They need depth after allowing veteran backup Tim Hightower to become a free agent. He signed with the San Francisco 49ers last week.

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Mens New England Patriots Tom Brady Nike Navy Blue/Silver Game Jerseys

Mens New England Patriots Tom Brady Nike Navy Blue/Silver Game Jerseys
Mens New England Patriots Tom Brady Nike Navy Blue/Silver Game Jerseys

Yes, the LeBron James-Tom Brady comparisons make sense.

In their respective leagues, each is the dominant and iconic player of his era.

And while James hasn’t quite emerged as his sport’s GOAT — Michael Jordan, decked out in his Hanes underwear, is still blocking LeBron’s way — we can comfortably stop the debate on the football side and give Brady his GOAT horns.

Rival players wet their pants when they compete against LeBron James and Tom Brady. Sure. they talk and walk, and even dress, with a ton of Cheap Jerseys attitude in the run-up to a showdown against LeBron or Brady. Remember the Houston Texans showing up at Gillette Stadium in those fancy letterman jackets to play the Pats on Monday Night Football in December 2012? Those jackets, and that meeting, were supposed to represent some kind of changing of the guard in the NFL. The Texans were 11-1. The Pats were 9-3, and that’s pretty good, but they didn’t have the fancy letterman jackets.

We’ve seen some of that with the Celtics and LeBron this season. No, the C’s don’t sashay around in the fancy letterman jackets, though they did do the dopey dress-in-black, fake-funeral thing when they played the Washington Wizards in the Eastern Conference semifinals.

When the Celtics hosted the Cleveland Cavaliers on April 5 at the Garden, the game was supposed to be some kind of playoff weather forecast. As ESPN play-by-plan man Mike Breen told the Globe’s Chad Finn, “If anyone is underestimating (the Celtics) now, they won’t be able to do so for much longer without consequences. And I suspect LeBron knows this.”

I suspect LeBron didn’t know this. He ho-hummed his way to 36 points in a 114-91 victory.

Nobody was suggesting a changing of the guard. The Cavs are still the Cavs, LeBron still LeBron. But just as the November 2012 Houston-Cheap nfl Jerseys New England game might have given the Texans an opportunity to give the Pats something the think about, the April 5 Cleveland-Boston game might have given the Cavs something to think about. It did not.

It’s always commendable when professional athletes circle the date on the calendar to remind themselves of an upcoming game against the top team with the iconic player. As fans, you want that brand of brash. The flip side, of course, is the embarrassing fallout when the brash kids get schooled by the top team with the iconic player.

We saw it with the Texans and Patriots. We are seeing it with the Cavaliers and the Celtics. After drilling the Celtics in that April 5 meeting, the Cavs have humiliated the Green in Games 1 and 2 of the Eastern Conference finals by scores of 117-104 and 130-86.

There are, of course, many differences between LeBron James and Tom Brady. Such as this: The industry that is professional basketball likes Customized Jerseys having LeBron James as its marquee attraction, whereas the industry that is professional football spits up its collective milk at the very thought of Tom Brady being its marquee attraction.

Yes, Brady is the cover boy for the upcoming Madden NFL 18.

And, yes, Brady always gets a dramatic, voiced-over, prerecorded intro any time the Pats are in a big game (or any game, I guess), complete with super slo-mo of big touchdown passes and a layer of music that evokes images of war being waged.

But let’s face it, folks: Pretty much everyone outside New England hates Tom Brady, even if their reasons for feeling that way are flat-out comical — he’s pretty, has a supermodel wife, never wears the same outfit twice, etc. But he also wins a lot, and that never goes over well, especially with NFL owners not named Kraft. And there’s Deflategate, and spare me your high school chemistry projects. Deflategate is part of the Brady permanent record.

Other than bitter fans who hate LeBron James . . . just, you know, because . . . the basketball industry sees gold. Rival NBA owners don’t sit in darkness late into the night, twirling ball bearings in one hand, trying to figure out a way to destroy him. They understand that a healthy, participatory LeBron James is good for the entire league.

And the entire New England Patriots Jerseys
league will be pleased to know that LeBron is headed back to the NBA Finals. He pretty much owns the NBA Finals now, just as Brady pretty much owns the Super Bowl.

Like them or hate them, your choice. But when they’re gone each league will be the poorer — even if the NFL owners not named Kraft haven’t figured that out yet.

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Mens New Orleans Saints Drew Brees Nike Black Game Jerseys

Mens New Orleans Saints Drew Brees Nike Black Game Jerseys
Mens New Orleans Saints Drew Brees Nike Black Game Jerseys

Patrick Peterson thought he knew how to solve Drew Brees. Not permanently, or even for a quarter. Just for a moment here and there.

When the Cardinals faced the Saints last season, Brees was coming off a pair of games in which he threw a combined six interceptions. People were concerned. Was Brees hurt? Was he suddenly fading? Naturally, when the Arizona cornerback spoke with New Orleans media before the game, the conversation centered on what was going on with the Saints’ offense.

Some of those interceptions were squarely on Brees. He had a few passes jumped and was off the mark on others, but Peterson didn’t overreact. Cheap Jerseys He explained that it looked like the Saints’ receivers let the quarterback down on a couple of plays and. And Brees always bounces back, Peterson noted.

That was all fine and good, but at the end of the conversation, a reporter asked Peterson if there was any way to fool Brees. He decided to share a theory.

“He does not see that very often in defenses. Quarter-quarter-half is definitely that. Not only does it confuse him, but it can confuse a lot of quarterbacks because it’s a great changeup call,” Peterson said. “You just never know which side is going to that quarter side, which side is going to be the Cover 2 side because it all looks the same.

“I believe that is one of the coverages that I’ve seen him have a couple issues with throughout the season. Can’t show it to him too many times. You always have to give him a changeup.”

Basically, the coverage is a combination of Cover 2 and 4, where one half of the field is patrolled by one deep player, as in Cover 2, while the other half is split between two players, usually a safety and cornerback, as in Cover 4. Teams don’t use it often, so it can serve as a nice change of pace.

There was only one problem with Peterson’s assessment heading into Week 15: He was wrong. Brees eats up the coverage. By the time the season ended, Cheap nfl Jerseys Brees had completed 73 percent of his 55 attempts against the coverage for 483 yards with one touchdown. His 107.7 quarterback rating against quarter-quarter-half was the highest he posted against any look.

If there are clips of the coverage fooling him, they’re well hidden. In fact, if there’s tape of him being fooled by any coverage, it’s buried beneath success. Brees spent last season moving the ball well against almost every coverage he saw. He was an equal opportunist, dicing up Cover 1 (91.8 rating), Cover 2 (102.2), Cover 4 (93.7) and various goal-line and red-zone coverages (110.7) throughout the season, according to statistics provided by Pro Football Focus.

Brees attempted 95 other passes against coveages labled as “other” for a rating of 105.2

That leaves the question: Is there a defensive look that gives Brees problems — or at least against which he doesn’t succeed at such high levels?

When a player is as talented as Brees, there’s danger in making too much of a perceived issue. These narratives are usually manufactured and quickly debunked on the field.

That’s probably the case here. But there is one coverage not mentioned above — Cover 3. Brees posted an 83.7 quarterback rating against it, and the reason that number is so low is because Pro Football Focus has him throwing seven interceptions against it.

The overall interception figure leads all looks by a wide margin. Brees threw one interception against a prevent defense, three against Cover 1, two against Cover 2, and another two against quarters (Cover 4) coverage.

What does this all mean? Is this sign of a player who is struggling against a specific look? Is this the real coverage that gives Brees fits?

The first thing to Customized Jerseys consider is that Brees completed 72 percent of his 188 passes against Cover 3 last season. That means 3.7 percent of his passes against the coverage were intercepted. That’s just a tick higher than the 3.6 percent of his intercepted throws against 55 Cover 2 looks, but well below the 1.6 and 1.9 percent he posted against Cover 1 and quarters, respectively.

The next part of the equation is adding context. Three of Brees’ interceptions came during his rough two-week stretch against Detroit and Tampa Bay, one of which was the result of Detroit safety Glover Quinn sitting on an out-and-up route to Brandin Cooks on a play the team ran twice earlier in the season. Sometimes all you can do is throw your hands up and commend an opponent for his extensive film study.

None of that excuses the errors, but it’s undeniable something was off with Brees, the offense or both during those two games. Another interception came as the result of middle pressure earlier in the season, putting at least partial blame on the offensive line.

The other three New Orleans Saints Jerseys plays were the result of Falcons linebacker Deion Jones jumping a route, Brees soaring a pass to Cooks against Carolina, and a well-contested pass to Michael Thomas that Atlanta’s Jalen Collins intercepted in the end zone of a Week.

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Youth New York Giants Eli Manning Nike Royal Blue Limited Jerseys

Youth New York Giants Eli Manning Nike Royal Blue Limited Jerseys
Youth New York Giants Eli Manning Nike Royal Blue Limited Jerseys

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning vehemently denied accusations Thursday that he knowingly provided fake game-used memorabilia to collectors, as was suggested in a recent lawsuit.

“I’ve done nothing wrong and I have nothing to hide,” Manning said Thursday.

Manning turned over a potentially incriminating email earlier this month in connection with a lawsuit that claims the quarterback, the
Cheap Jerseys Giants and a team equipment manager knowingly provided memorabilia that was not worn in games.

JPP had four surgical procedures at end of ’16
Giants DE Jason Pierre-Paul disclosed he had four surgical procedures — two on his groin and two on his abdomen — in December.
The email was included in a court filing in Bergen County (New Jersey) Superior Court by the plaintiffs — collectors Eric Inselberg, Michael Jakab and Sean Godown — who first filed suit three years ago.

On Thursday, Manning said he was angry about the claims and that the emails were “taken out of context.”

In addition, a source told ESPN’s Jordan Raanan that Manning and the Giants submitted a new filing Wednesday that they believe will clear Manning’s name.

“I’ve tried to do everything with class and be a stand-up citizen,” Manning said. “That’s what I have done and that’s being attacked right now.

“I’m just more angry than anything … having to deal with this and knowing that I did nothing wrong and [am] still being attacked.”

Manning Cheap nfl Jerseys went on say to that because this is pending litigation, he would not be able to answer any questions or get into specific details about the lawsuit. He also said the league has not talked to him about the allegations.

“I will say that I’ve never done what I’ve been accused of doing. I have no reason, nor have I ever had any reason, to do anything of that nature,” Manning said. “I’ve done nothing wrong and I have nothing to hide. And I know that when this is all done everybody will see it the same way.”

On April 27, 2010, Manning sent an email to Giants head equipment manager Joe Skiba asking for “two helmets that can pass as game used.” The email was initiated after Manning was sent a note by Alan Zucker, his marketing agent throughout his career, to come up with some equipment to satisfy his obligation to provide such materials to sports memorabilia company Steiner Sports.

The plaintiffs’ lawyer, Brian Brook of Clinton, Brook & Peed, told ESPN that the email, included among roughly 200 pages of documents Manning produced as part of legal discovery, was key to specifically linking the quarterback to the lawsuit, which alleges an elaborate scheme to produce, pass off and sell memorabilia as game-used that was not.

Before that email, the lawsuit had included only an alleged conversation between Manning and Skiba to put together some equipment that Customized Jerseys could be described as game-used. The lawsuit alleges that Manning not only had been aware of the passing off of inauthentic items of his as game-used but also was party to their creation.

The suit also alleges that the Giants were complicit by deleting the email from their accounts.

Brandon Steiner, the CEO of Steiner Sports, said Monday on Facebook Live that he’s hoping the items Manning gave to him and presented as game-used, that he then sold, were legitimate, but he isn’t sure at this time.

“When Eli Manning walks into your office and he says, ‘These are my game-used items,’ then I’d like to think that I can believe that,” Steiner said.

Steiner said Monday his company has had a deal with Manning since his 2003 rookie season and that for a period of about five years, Manning threw in two to three game-used items per season as part of a bonus to his contract.

Manning, who is New York Giants Jerseys scheduled to earn almost $20 million in salary and bonuses this season, was asked why he had a contract with a memorabilia dealer when he made so much money on the field.

“Well, it’s just autographs,” he said. “It is just a way to sign your name, and I think a lot of people do it. It is just part of the business.”

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Mens Chicago Bears Brandon Marshall Nike Navy Blue Replica Game Jerseys

Mens Chicago Bears Brandon Marshall Nike Navy Blue Replica Game Jerseys
Mens Chicago Bears Brandon Marshall Nike Navy Blue Replica Game Jerseys

The Giants receiver revealed Saturday he plans to retire at the end of his current two-year deal in order to focus full-time on his work with mental health advocacy. Marshall, 33, said his goal is to win the Super Bowl with the Giants over the next two seasons.

“Two years,”
Cheap Jerseys Marshall said after speaking in a mental health forum on behalf of his Project 375 Foundation at the Giants/NBC4 Health and Fitness Expo at MetLife Stadium. “I just decided that last week. Two years. I’m going to get my Super Bowl and then have a little bit more fun and go change the world in the mental health space.”

Marshall addressed a sizable crowd of Giants fans about his personal experiences and Project 375, which works to raise awareness Cheap nfl Jerseys and improve care for those impacted with mental health issues. Marshall was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder in 2010 after a three-month treatment process at McLean Hospital in Belmont, Mass. Marshall has been a vocal advocate for mental health issues since his diagnosis.

“I’ve always been comfortable standing on the front line,” Marshall said. “When I was at McLean Hospital, I realized how important this discussion was. I wanted to be one of the voices and faces to it. So it was only right. I just wanted to do my part in the community.”

The Giants signed Customized Jerseys Marshall to a two-year deal in March a few days after the Jets cut him. Marshall, who has never been to the playoffs in his 12-year career, said he believes his new team – his fifth in the NFL – is capable of getting him there, and then winning it all.

“I definitely think we have a team that is going to be in position to compete in every single game,” Marshall said. “It’s extremely hard to win the Super Bowl. I’ve been in the league 12 years, been on some really good teams with some really great organizations,New York Jets Jerseys and I haven’t been to the playoffs. So that tells you how hard it is to win a Super Bowl. I won’t throw that around lightly. We’ve got to put the work in.”

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