Women Dallas Cowboys Ezekiel Elliott Nike White Game Jerseys

Ezekiel Elliott Jerseys
Ezekiel Elliott Jerseys

Elliott ran for 1,631 yards and 15 touchdowns last season for Dallas, becoming the first rookie since Edgerrin James in 1999 to lead the league in rushing.

Elliott’s success came the year after the Rams’ Todd Gurley became the first rookie in league history to rush for 125 yards or more in four straight games. Both were also voted NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year.

Add in Melvin Gordon’s solid play last season with the Chargers and the past three first-round picks have shown that they were worth the pick. Cheap Jerseys That has reversed a trend in which first-round picks had struggled or bombed, the most notable being Trent Richardson, the third overall pick by Cleveland in 2012.

Richardson’s struggles were one reason 2013 marked the first time in 50 years a back was not picked in the first round.

A consensus of general managers and scouts believes that a back can be taken in the late rounds and still prosper. Jordan Howard, second in rookie rushing yards last season, was a fifth-round pick by the Bears.

Only three of the top 10 rushers in the league last season — Elliott, Le’Veon Bell (Steelers) and LeSean McCoy (Bills) — were drafted in the first two rounds.

Senior Bowl executive director Phil Savage, who was Browns general manager from 2005-08, says teams can find a back in every round this year. Cowboys coach Jason Garrett, though, believes that the round shouldn’t matter as long as the selection can make an immediate impact.

“I understand the arguments about shelf life and maybe you can find running backs later in the draft. But if you have an opportunity to get a great football player who’s a running back, he can have a big impact on your football team,” Garrett said during the scouting combine.

Many believe Cheap nfl Jerseys Fournette will be the first taken. He rushed for 2,045 yards and 22 touchdowns in 2015, but played in only seven games last year due to an ankle injury. Despite the limited playing time he gained 873 yards and scored eight touchdowns.

Fournette is more of a traditional back with a punishing running style. He had only 40 receptions in three seasons at LSU and was not counted on much to block.

“He is more of an I-formation back. Put him behind the quarterback and hand it to him in order to get his momentum going as a downhill runner,” Savage said. “I thought LSU took away from his talent when they had him as a back in the shotgun. You’re not playing to his strength when you offset him.”

Savage believes McCaffrey has the best hands of anyone in the draft, including receivers and tight ends. McCaffrey led FBS in all-purpose yards the past two seasons, including averaging 211.5 yards per game last year, and led the Pac-12 in rushing yards (1,603) last season

There are some though, including Savage, who wonder if McCaffrey can be an every-down back or if he is better suited for a backfield by committee.

During the combine, Customized Jerseys McCaffrey said he felt he was being a little disrespected in this year’s class because of his versatility.

“I don’t think there’s anyone else that can do all the things I can as far as running between the tackles, outside pass protect, play X, Z, slot, and do a lot of things in the return game as well,” he said.

Cook is considered one of the more elusive backs and averages 4.2 yards after contact, according to Pro Football Focus. He rushed for 1,765 yards last season but also excelled catching the ball out of the backfield, averaging 14.8 yards on 33 receptions.

“If a running back gets put in the right system, you put him in the right place, he can do a great amount of things for a team. I feel like if I can get put in the right system I can do the same things that Zeke did,” Cook said.

Texas’ D’Onta Foreman, Toledo’s Kareem Hunt, Tennessee’s Alvin Kamara and Oklahoma’s Samaje Perine could go in the second or third rounds. Oklahoma’s Joe Mixon remains the most polarizing prospect in the draft after he was suspended in 2014 for punching a woman in the face.

“People talk Dallas Cowboys Jerseys about backs being devalued. I don’t see that being the case,” Arizona general manager Steve Keim said during the combine. “I see peaks and valleys of special guys to come out, and if you think a guy is going to be special, you take him.”

Youth Arizona Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald Nike Black Alternate Game Jerseys

Larry Fitzgerald Jerseys
Larry Fitzgerald Jerseys

The Giants almost assuredly won’t take a quarterback in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft on Thursday night.

But unlike in the past, it’s not a guarantee, as general manager Jerry Reese has left the door very much open to the idea he may move on Eli Manning’s Cheap Jerseys eventual replacement, and early in the draft.

If the Giants are still considering such an approach with a day to go before they will make their No. 23 selection, ex-Ravens coach Brian Billick believes they should think twice before doing so.

It’s one thing to talk about the idea, Billick said. It’s another thing to follow through, and risk a negative impact on a locker room that, on paper, should contend for the Super Bowl this coming season.

“Taking a quarterback with a first round pick when you’ve got an Eli Manning, a Philip Rivers, a Carson Palmer, a Drew Brees, if you take a guy in the first round, you’re starting a clock,” Billick, now an NFL Network analyst, said Wednesday during a pre-draft media session at the Downtown Sheraton.

“That’s tough to do. I don’t Cheap nfl Jerseys care how classy those guys are. To embrace, ‘Oh, this guy is here to replace me,’ is it two years? Three years? Because you started that clock when you expended a first-round pick on a quarterback. They’ll do the right thing, but that’s a tough environment. … To bring in a quarterback now, I’m not saying it’s the wrong decision. But I think you are underestimating the dynamic of the locker room.”

Billick used Cardinals wideout Larry Fitzgerald, who is returning to the team for this coming season after contemplating retirement, as an example. The Cardinals, who pick No. 13, are believed to be considering selecting a quarterback as Palmer’s eventual replacement. At this point, the Cardinals’ interest in a first-round quarterback is considered to be much more serious than the Giants’.

One hypothetical that has often been mentioned when discussing the first round quarterback possibility: What happens if Manning struggles, as he did in 2016, and the Giants get off to a bad start this fall. The backup quarterback is often the most popular man in an Customized Jerseys NFL city for a reason. How would the Giants handle the (likely) fan and media outcry for the rookie to take over?

Billick said if the Giants don’t already know they would ignore the noise, that’s a sign.

“If there’s that chance, then you’ve made the decision Eli Manning’s done, and you’d better take a quarterback,” Billick said. “If you give up on Eli Manning with one or two, three games struggling, for some rookie quarterback, I don’t know if I’m ready to make that calculation. But if they are, then yeah, you better take one of those guys.”

The Giants clearly aren’t at that point yet. But they also aren’t blind to the fact Manning is nearing the end of his career – he’s on the “back nine,” as Reese said during the January press conference that began all the Giants quarterback talk. So what should the Giants do this weekend?

“If I believe Eli Manning has a Arizona Cardinals Jerseys couple of years left, and I believe he does,” Billick said, “I may take one in the second or third round, or I’ll do that when it becomes time.”

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Mens Pittsburgh Steelers Antonio Brown Nike White Game Jerseys

Mens Pittsburgh Steelers Antonio Brown Nike White Game Jerseys
Mens Pittsburgh Steelers Antonio Brown Nike White Game Jerseys

You may recall for the past several offseasons that I ran an article series called The Optimist’s/Pessimist’s Take. I used it to explore different issues and topics the Pittsburgh Steelers were facing and took a positive or negative approach, examining each side in a separate article. This is essentially the same idea behind that, only condensed into one article for every topic.

In this version of the idea, Cheap Jerseys I’ll be playing the Devil’s Advocate for both sides of the issue, looking at the best-case and worst-case scenarios in trying to find the range of likely outcomes of what is likely to happen for the Steelers relating to whatever topic the article is covering.

When it comes to the process of trying to construct a championship roster, the reality is that there are a ton of moving parts, and several ways to acquire said parts. There are a lot of things that can go right or wrong in not always predictable ways, so I think it’s helpful to try to look at issues by seeking out the boundaries of the likely positive or negative results.

Topic: How will Antonio Cheap nfl Jerseys Brown perform in his first season as the highest-paid player at his position?

No matter how one might try to sell it, the Steelers had no idea what they were ultimately going to wind up with when they used a sixth-round draft pick on wide receiver Antonio Brown in the 2010 NFL Draft. If they had known, they wouldn’t have risked waiting so long. Of course, that’s not a knock against him, just a compliment to Brown’s perseverance since entering the league.

He has parlayed years and years of hard work into the biggest contract for a wide receiver in the league, a contract that his performance on the field has Customized Jerseys undoubtedly deserved. He has gone to the Pro Bowl for four straight seasons, being named first-team All-Pro three consecutive years, and second-team the year before that.

Brown is coming off an interesting season, however. He caught 12 touchdown passes, second-most in the league and second-most in his career, but his efficiency numbers were down—down from virtually unprecedented heights, of course. So what might that mean for this season?

Last year, he averaged about 85 yards per game after being over 100 the past two years, and at about 94 the year before that. He caught one pass fewer per game last year than he did in the previous two seasons. And his yards per reception was the lowest since 2012 when he first became a starter. This can’t simply be accounted for by Ben Roethlisberger’s injury.

But that doesn’t mean that he is on the decline—again, from an unprecedented height. Brown, who will turn 29 in July, is still at the top of his game from a Pittsburgh Steelers Jerseys physical standpoint and there’s no reason to believe that he should not better his statistics from last year. Another point in that favor is the fact that he should have better and more consistent options around him to draw couple coverage away from him more frequently.

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Mens Arizona Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald Nike Cardinal Game Jerseys

Mens Arizona Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald  Jersey
Mens Arizona Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald Jersey

Cheap Jerseys Ask Larry Fitzgerald a question and it may be used during azcentral.com Sports Awards
Are you a high school athlete who has wanted to pick Larry Fitzgerald’s brain?

Have you wondered who inspired him during his youth?

Questioned what Kurt Warner is really like?

Thought about his most memorable sports moment?

Now is the time to find out. Paola Boivin will be interviewing the star receiver during the azcentral.com Sports Awards on April 30 at ASU Gammage and asking some of your questions. Send them to azcentral.com sports on Facebook, azcsports on Twitter or azcsports on Instagram.

Fitzgerald hardly needs an introduction. The star wide receiver is a household name in Arizona, a sure-fire future Hall of Famer.

Fitzgerald has created a lot of indelible Sunday moments these Customized Jerseys past 13 seasons, yet some of his most cherished memories date back to his high school days in Minneapolis. Youth sports played a large role in building his foundation, and being able to share that message is one reason he agreed to be the guest speaker at the azcentral.com Sports Awards program.

Recently, Fitzgerald answered a series of questions about how important high school sports were to him, and what he hopes to impart to the student-athletes who will be honored in three weeks.

On how high school sports shaped him:

“It impacted me in a positive way. I think high school sports is the most authentic … it’s all about just the love of the game, participating with your teammates and your classmates. There’s no money and (not) a lot of politics or anything like that involved. So it’s pure, and, you know, I think it’s one of the greatest times of anybody’s life.”

On why high school athletics are important:

“I think athletics in general is important because it teaches you Larry Fitzgerald Jerseys so many things that I think that you’re going to take, you know, throughout the course of your life. Sports teaches you how to persevere, teaches you how to overcome obstacles, be able to deal with adversity, and … teaches you how to be humble. So I think these things are lessons that will last a lifetime.”

On what he’s expecting to get from the awards program:

“The thing I’m looking most forward to at the azcentral.com sports awards is just recognizing greatness, and wonderful achievements by our youth. I mean it’s something that they worked very hard for. To see them be rewarded for their hard work and dedication is going to be very rewarding for anybody who’s going to be in attendance. Because we know what they had to do to achieve those goals.”

On the importance of giving back to the community:

“I believe it’s important to stay connected to your community, because your community is what it’s all about … I don’t feel as though it’s right not to help other people support their goals, especially with myself having reached a lot of goals I set for myself. I know I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish it by myself. … So I want to make sure that I’m doing the same thing, and I encourage everybody to do the same thing for their communities.”

On his continuing relationships with his high school past:

“I keep in touch with a lot of my high school teammates and a lot of my coaches from youth sports. I think those relationships that you make at that age, I mean they’re lasting. You know, those coaches are not paid to coach you, a lot of them are volunteers. They come out and do it just because they care about the student-athlete, they want to make sure that the young man or young woman is getting good coaching, and not only that but just being positive mentors. A lot of the men who helped me out along the way I still keep in contact with, and a lot of the guys I competed with at that age I still keep in contact with.”
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Mens Nike Joe Montana Scarlet San Francisco 49ers Retired Player Limited Jersey

Mens Nike Joe Montana Scarlet San Francisco 49ers Retired Player Limited Jersey
Mens Nike Joe Montana Scarlet San Francisco 49ers Retired Player Limited Jersey

Multigame esports organization Cloud9 has completed Cheap Jerseys a Series A financing round with backing from sports teams, athletes, and games industry insiders, including NFL Hall of Famer Joe Montana, San Francisco Giants outfielder Hunter Pence and Golden State Warriors owner Chamath Palihapitiya.

“We’ve formed a fantastic group of investors to help push Cloud9 to the next level,” said Jack Etienne, co-founder and CEO of Cloud9 in the news release. “With this investment you can expect Cloud9 to continue our expansion into the esports market while maintaining an exceptional experience for our players.”

Daniel Fiden of Chinese-owned FunPlus Cheap jersey wholesale Ventures led the charge. He formed a diverse group of investors including Montana, Pence and Palihapitiya, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, Tesla directors Antonio Gracias and Kimbal Musk, Eldridge Industries founder and L.A. Dodgers co-owner Todd Boehly, and more.

According to the news release, Cloud9 will use this new round of funding to help build strategic partnerships and attract new sponsorships.

“Cloud9 is a fantastic organization that has shown throughout the years that it has what it takes to continuously contend for championships in multiple esports titles,” said Montana, who also co-founded Liquid 2 Ventures. “The players of Cloud9 work hard to always compete at the highest level and the organization’s leadership strives to provide a positive atmosphere that allows its players the opportunity to be in a position to do their best.”

NBA center Andrew Bogut, Signia Venture San Francisco 49ers jerseys Partners co-founder Rick Thompson, the Founders Fund co-founder Ken Howery and partner Brian Singerman, Bonfire Studios co-founders Min Kim and Rob Pardo, Jam City co-founder Josh Yguado, and investor Bill Lee also invested in Cloud9.

C9 is one of the most popular esports organizations from the United States. It has teams and players in League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Overwatch, Hearthstone, Call of Duty and Vainglory.

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San Francisco 49ers NaVorro Bowman Jersey

Men's San Francisco 49ers NaVorro Bowman Nike Anthracite 2016 Salute to Service Jersey
Men’s San Francisco 49ers NaVorro Bowman Nike Anthracite 2016 Salute to Service Jersey

The San Francisco 49ers’ defense wholesale jerseys online ranked last in nearly every statistical category in 2016. Of course, after linebacker NaVorro Bowman tore his Achilles in a Week 4 loss to the Dallas Cowboys, that defense was playing without its star.

Bowman’s value to the defense can’t be overstated and became even more apparent after last season. As he ages and returns from injury, keeping Bowman healthy and on the field should be the first priority for the entire 49ers staff.

However, could a player of Bowman’s caliber be better utilized elsewhere?

The 49ers signed Malcolm Smith, Dekoda Watson and Brock Coyle, but there’s little doubt Bowman is still the unquestioned leader of the linebacker group. Typically, the middle linebacker of a 4-3 defense, or Mike, is the de facto captain of a defense. He’s the one aligning players, relaying play calls and carrying significant responsibilities after the snap.

The Mike must have above-average athleticism with the speed, range and agility to fly around the field in both run defense and coverage. He has to be aggressive against the run with the willingness to meet 300-pound offensive linemen when filling downhill.

Fans have been spoiled over the last decade ,having both Patrick Willis and Bowman as excellent examples of traditional Mikes to watch. In his prime, Willis had one Cheap Jerseys of the best stretches for any defensive player in history, routinely totaling high tackle numbers and serving as an intimidating force on the field.

Bowman was a few years behind, but at his height, was a premiere sideline-to-sideline defender. Bowman had the tenacity to take on blocks in the interior run game and the speed and balance to beat running backs to the edge.

However, after his most recent season-ending injury, Bowman’s best position might be to move outside and play Sam in the 49ers’ new defensive scheme. And with a lack of talent anywhere else on the roster, it’s best for the team as well.

The Sam position in the 49ers’ 4-3 will require some transitioning of sorts for Bowman, but it may not require as much of a change as might be assumed. In fact, it may allow Bowman to best utilize his current ability, while protecting his body from continued injuries.

Bowman may not be able to run sideline to sideline anymore, given his career-altering injuries to his left leg, but he still shows elite ability to stack and shed blockers, locate ball carriers and secure tackles. In addition, he’s more than adequate in coverage and has shown a variety of pass-rush moves that make him a threat to blitz.

The Sam backer in a 4-3 defense is typically on the strong side — that’s the SLB versus WLB or Will backer — taking on lead blocks and responsible for tight ends in coverage. They have to have the physicality to beat blocks in tight spaces, with the strength to leverage gap control at the line of scrimmage. In some cases, they’re pass-rushing players that serve as edge run defenders as well.

For a visual of what Bowman’s role as San Francisco 49ers Jerseys Sam might be, imagine Dont’a Hightower of the New England Patriots. Depending on which game you watched, Hightower could be pressed to the line of scrimmage as an edge defender in the run game, stacked over a defensive lineman in a traditional role and he was even utilized in coverage. Bowman offers more athleticism than Hightower with a leaner frame, but he has the physicality to match any linebackers in the league.

Bowman will certainly challenge the move, and rightfully so. When healthy, he’s continually a top-tier linebacker in the league and recorded over 140 tackles in 2015 after missing the previous season in rehab from a torn ACL and MCL. He’ll point to past production and suggest there’s no reason to believe he can’t do it again. He may be correct. He’s a four-time first-team All-Pro.

However, the inside linebacker at the top of the draft, Alabama’s Reuben Foster, is a better player than any of the outside linebackers in the class and could play Mike. Ohio State’s Raekwon Mc

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