Youth Cleveland Browns Joe Haden Nike Brown Color Rush Game Jersey

Youth Cleveland Browns Joe Haden Nike Brown Color Rush Game Jersey
Youth Cleveland Browns Joe Haden Nike Brown Color Rush Game Jersey

Cleveland Browns Jerseys Joe Haden agrees with Ray Horton that he’s having an average year by his Pro Bowl standards, but Haden knows he’s no average Joe.

“I’d say for him average just because we expect so much more out of him,” said the Browns defensive coordinator. “I’m sure he does, too. He knows he can play at a very high level. He’s done it – the accolades and the respect that people have for him.

“Obviously, when you go against the Antonio Browns, the Odell Beckham Jr.’s, the A.J. Greens and all of the guys that he’s been against, they’re Cheap Jerseys going to catch some of theirs but we and he expects a lot more out of him, meaning he expects himself to be one of the top players in the league.”

Haden, who’s played with groin injuries most of the season, couldn’t argue with Horton despite the fact he’s kept some of the top wideouts in the league out of the end zone this season and that he’s two shy of the most INTs in the league with three.

“To my standards, yes,” said Haden. “I feel like I shouldn’t really let people catch the ball at all. I’m not trying to make any excuses, but I’m not 100 percent out there. So I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do, try to play top down, keep the receivers in front of me. I’m
Cheap nfl Jerseys battling through. Definitely from my standards I don’t feel like I’m playing up to the best of my ability, but I’m giving it all I’ve got.”

Haden, who will take on the Giants’ two-time Pro Bowler Beckham Sunday at FirstEnergy Stadium, has no problem with Horton’s ranking of his season.


“Not at all,” he said. “I’d expect him to want me to be a corner type guy that they don’t catch any passes,” he said. “That’s what I feel like when I’m locked down, when I do my thing. So not like I’m having a bad year, but to my standard, I just feel like I should be the best corner in the league, and I don’t feel like I’ve been playing like the best corner in the league this year.”

Like other players on this 0-11 team, Haden is playing hurt to help the team try to get a victory.

“I’m fighting through it for a lot of reasons,” he said. “This is not the way I expected it. This is my first time being a captain, so I’ve got to lead by example and show these dudes if they’re going to be out there playing, fighting through it, just battling, I want to do it for them. I’m trying to get us a win. I want to do it for the city. So you’ve got to suck it up. You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. Just trying to get this thing turned around.”

When healthy in week two against the Ravens, Haden had two picks and locked down his side of the field. Would he be Pro Bowl-bound again if healthy?

“For sure. 1,000 percent,” he said. “I still feel like I still can go to the Pro Bowl with a medium year.”

Haden, 27, was asked if he ever gets concerned about the Browns not wanting to pay his big salary. Signed through 2019, he’s the highest paid player on the team with an average of $13.5 million a year, and is due to average almost $11 million a year over the next three seasons.

“Not at all,” he said. “They can do what they do. I feel like with my ability, I get paid wherever I play.”

This season, Haden has held Brandon Marshall to four catches for 68 yards and no TDs, Dez Bryant to 1 catch for 19 yards and no TDs, and Brown to eight catches for 76 yards and no TDs. For comparison’s sake, Brown caught three TD in his next game, Thursday night against the Colts.

“If I wasn’t guarding A.J. and Antonio, I think my numbers might be a little better, but I look forward to it,” said Haden. “That’s why I got the contract. That’s what I do. I play corner and I feel like I’m the best corner in the game and I wouldn’t want them to put anybody on the No. 1 guy but me.”

Terrelle Pryor is fired up by Giants cornerback Janoris Jenkins saying he’s not a big challenge and is ”another receiver.”

He’ll get another crack at one of the best in the league Sunday when faces Beckham, the 2014 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year. This season, Beckham is ninth in the NFL with 59 catches, and seventh with 819 yards. He also has six TDs.

“He’s very, very quick, judges the ball very well, once he gets the ball in his hands, he’s incredible with yards after the catch, making people miss, stiff arm,” said Haden. “He’s one of the best in the game. I probably saw him drop about one pass on film. If it’s in his vicinity, he pretty much makes a play on anything.”

The respect is mutual.

“Joe is a phenomenal corner,” Beckham told Giants reporters this week. “He’s a great corner, someone who I’ve watched for a long time even when he

Customized Jerseys
was at Florida. We’re friends in a sense. I’m sure when we get out there it’s going to be all competition but at the end, it’s all love. I’m excited about the opportunity to go against one of the premier corners in this league.”

Hue Jackson has appreciated Haden’s effort, especially with the sore groin.

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Men’s Chicago Bears Walter Payton Mitchell & Ness White 1985 Authentic Throwback Jersey

Men's Chicago Bears Walter Payton Mitchell & Ness White 1985 Authentic Throwback Jersey
Men’s Chicago Bears Walter Payton Mitchell & Ness White 1985 Authentic Throwback Jersey

Chicago Bears Jerseys He shares the award with Wide Receiver Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals.

“We are ecstatic that Eli achieved this incredible honor,” said Robert C. Garrett, co-chief executive officer of Hackensack Meridian Health. “He is a valued team member both on and off the field, and we are particularly grateful for his devotion to our patients and Cheap Jerseys the Tackle Kids Cancer initiative.”

Each NFL team nominates one player who has had a significant positive influence on his community. In a statement, the NFL praised Manning as a steadfast champion for causes involving children.

“Eli shares our vision in advancing the Tackle Kids Cancer initiative in many ways,” said Jon M. Fitzgerald, president of the Hackensack University Medical Center Foundation. “In 2016, he issued a matching donation challenge that ignited the community and exceeded the goal. We are proud to partner with Eli on this essential program.”

One hundred percent of the funds raised by Tackle Kids Cancer directly supports pediatric cancer research and program services at the Children’s Cancer Institute at HackensackUMC. Tackle Kids Cancer is a partnership of dedicated clinicians and researchers, corporate

Cheap nfl Jerseys sponsors, and supporters working to make the necessary strides towards advancing medical research to find a cure for pediatric cancer and providing the highest level of care.

Since volunteering to champion the Tackle Kids Cancer campaign ahead of the 2015 season, Eli Manning regularly visits the children battling cancer at the Children’s Cancer Institute at HackensackUMC. His fundraising, appearances and personal donations are exemplified by the creation of the “Sohn-Manning Pediatric Cancer Survivorship Program,” among the many fundraising efforts he inspired. During its inaugural season the Giants, Manning and HackensackUMC were surprised by the many local grass roots organizations supporting Tackle Kids Cancer, so Manning pledged to match and inspire those efforts – and “Eli’s Challenge” was born, exceeding the goal in the first few weeks of the program. To date, his support of the program has directly led to more than $1,000,000 in fundraising in just over one year, and propelled the new charitable program to over $4,000,000 in funds raised since its inception.

The Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award recognizes an NFL player for his excellence on and off the field. The award was established in 1970. It was renamed in 1999 after the late Hall of Fame Chicago Bears running back, Walter Payton. This is the first time a Customized Jerseys
New York Giant player has won the award in its history. The winner was announced in Houston at NFL Honors, a two-hour primetime awards special that aired nationally on FOX the night before Super Bowl LI.

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Mens Baltimore Ravens Joe Flacco Nike Purple Game Jersey

Mens Baltimore Ravens Joe Flacco Nike Purple Game Jersey
Mens Baltimore Ravens Joe Flacco Nike Purple Game Jersey

Baltimore Ravens Jerseys If Tony Romo is cut or traded this offseason, it would end an era in Dallas and give Joe Flacco a lighting-rod label.

Flacco would become the player with the highest salary-cap figure in the NFL in 2017. He is scheduled to count $24.55 million against the cap.

Romo currently owns that title with a $24.7 million cap number, but a source told ESPN’s Ed Werder that Romo expects to be released.

The Ravens have 14.6
Cheap Jerseys percent of their entire salary cap allocated to quarterback Joe Flacco. Mitch Stringer/USA TODAY Sports
That would move Flacco to No. 1, a distinction that will once again stir up the “elite” debate as well as the comparisons to other quarterback contracts. Flacco, who ranked No. 24 in passer rating this past season, has a higher cap figure than Tom Brady ($14 million), a five-time Super Bowl champion; Aaron Rodgers ($20.3 million), a two-time NFL Most Valuable Player; and Drew Brees ($19 million), who threw over 5,000 yards for the fourth time last season.

The Ravens, who currently have less cap space than 27 teams, have 14.6 percent of their salary cap allocated to Flacco. His cap number is more than twice as high as anyone else on the Ravens roster except for cornerback Jimmy Smith ($12.6 million).

At the end of the season, team officials said they need more out of Flacco than last season’s production of 20 touchdowns and 15 interceptions.

“We have a quarterback, and he is in that level of compensation, so we need to get him playing at that level,” coach John Harbaugh said.

Flacco’s cap number doesn’t Cheap nfl Jerseys represent the total cash he’ll receive this season. The new money he’ll make this season is $6 million in base salary and $15 million in deferred signing bonus.

The breakdown of his $24.55 million cap number is $6 million in base salary, $13.8 million in pro-rated signing bonus and $4.75 million in pro-rated option bonus.

Flacco would actually have a higher cap number if not for an extension signed last year, which was designed to flatten out his cap figures. He was originally scheduled to count $31.15 million against the cap in 2017 before signing a three-year, $66 million deal in March.

This marks only the second season in which Flacco has ranked among the top-15 cap numbers. Last season, he had the fourth-highest cap figure at $22.55 million.

Harbaugh was asked earlier this year if he had any concerns that the weight of Flacco’s contract puts pressure on the way he plays and affects decision-making in games.

“I sure hope not,”
Customized Jerseys Harbaugh said. “I would be surprised if that was the case. I have not heard that theory, but it is interesting. I do not think so, and I would not expect that to be the case. I think you go out there and you play the game to the best of your ability.”

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Mens Washington Redskins Kirk Cousins Nike Burgundy Game Jersey

Mens Washington Redskins Kirk Cousins Nike Burgundy Game Jersey
Mens Washington Redskins Kirk Cousins Nike Burgundy Game Jersey

Washington Redskins Jerseys Kirk Cousins was a stability test for the Washington Redskins, and they failed it. Now the Cousins problem can’t be fixed with 20 million dollars a year, or a dozen yellow roses, and it’s no use appealing to his loyalty, because the main signature of this franchise is always treachery and upheaval.

Cousins probably is going to cost $100 million. It’s that or trade him. If Washington doesn’t give him the big contract, someone else eventually will, he will join the free agent cotillion next season, and Washington risks being embarrassed that he will win with another team. It’s great to see an NFL player with this kind of leverage, and even better to see a smart guy really use it, refuse sentimentality and drive the hardest deal possible from a team that is undeserving of loyalty or leniency in negotiations. Cousins should get every penny he can – and Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen and Scot McCloughan should get what they deserve.

The front office insulted him, refused to make him a worthy contract offer last year, while hurling its checkbook at Josh Norman. Now Washington is the insecure party and Cousins is set for life, no matter what team he plays for, and every young player in the league should be Cheap Jerseys banging on the door of his agent, Mike McCartney of Priority Sports, asking how he did it. Here’s the secret: Treat yourself as valuable even when your owner doesn’t. Don’t ever let a front office tell you who you are. You tell them.

If you listen to the tone of the remarks Cousins has made since last season ended about what’s “a fair deal,” and the need to be “selfish,” it’s obvious that the old “take one for the team” or “give us a hometown discount because you want to raise you kids here” pleas and ploys aren’t going to work with him. Nor should they.

Money equals respect. And Washington’s front office has never properly respected their own players. They’re always showing more respect to someone else’s.

It was one thing for Allen-McCloughan-Snyder to be unsure of what they had in Cousins back in 2014, when he still looked more like a kid who belonged at a toga party. But by the time Cousins took them to the NFC East title in 2015, everybody knew what they had, a guy who
Cheap nfl Jerseys
could play the position seriously and make every kind of throw, who was intelligent and dedicated and a leader. Any sensible team would have made the long-term deal. But no. This team is always Goldilocks; the grass is always greener; another player is more tempting.

What would it have taken to secure Cousins last year? They would have had to pay him like an above-average quarterback, which is what he is. They would have had to understand that there just aren’t many guys who complete more than 67 percent of their passes for more than 4,000 yards and toss for twice as many touchdowns as interceptions. Instead Washington’s reported offer would have ranked Cousins just 21st in annual salary. And then they went panting after Norman for $50 million.

“Ultimately, the offers kind of send a message, and you basically can connect the dots based off of those,” Cousins said shortly after this season.

So here’s the fix Washington’s economic geniuses are in now. After making it clear to Cousins they didn’t think he was worth above-average money, they are looking at having to pay him $44 million guaranteed for just two years. He made $19.95 million last season under the

Customized Jerseys collective bargaining franchise-tag rule, and that goes up to $23.94 million in 2017. And they still don’t have him locked up. Next season if he plays like he has the past two, he’s going to command $40 to $50 million more as a free agent. He’s healthy and in his prime and guys like him just don’t come available – because other teams are smart enough to get them under contract. But not this team. No.

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Mens Kansas City Chiefs Alex Smith Nike Red Game Jersey

Mens Kansas City Chiefs Alex Smith Nike Red Game Jersey
Mens Kansas City Chiefs Alex Smith Nike Red Game Jersey

Kansas City Chiefs Jerseys The Kansas City Chiefs have ended whatever suspense there might have been about the identity of their starting quarterback in 2017. General manager John Dorsey recently said that Alex Smith “absolutely” would be the starter when the Chiefs begin play next season.

“We’ve said all along he’s the starter,” Dorsey said. “I don’t know what more you want to say. We have a playoff team. He’s led this franchise to three playoff seasons out of four, which is pretty good in my eyes.”

Tyler Bray has spent four seasons Cheap Jerseys with the Chiefs but never played in a regular-season game. Denny Medley/USA TODAY Sports
So forget about the Chiefs pursuing Tony Romo, which seemed a long shot to begin with because of his massive contract. It also would rule out Nick Foles, last season’s backup. The NFL Network reported the Chiefs would decline to pick up the option on the final season of Foles’ contract, which is no surprise given their public stance on Smith.

Otherwise, the Chiefs still
Cheap nfl Jerseys have work to do at quarterback. Their other QBs are Tyler Bray and Joel Stave. Bray has been with the Chiefs four seasons, though he never has played in a regular-season game. The Chiefs obviously see potential in the talented Bray. They’ve kept him around a long time despite little return and at one point even extended his contract and bumped his salary before such a move became necessary.

But the fact the Chiefs felt it necessary to sign Foles as their backup last summer would indicate they weren’t comfortable at that point, at least, with Bray as their No. 2 quarterback.

Stave joined the Chiefs on their practice squad last year.

So the Chiefs have a Customized Jerseys veteran in Smith and a couple of developmental candidates in Bray and Stave. Look for them to add at least one more quarterback, whether that’s a veteran or a draft pick, before practice begins in the spring.

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Youth Miami Dolphins Jarvis Landry Nike Aqua Limited Jersey

Youth Miami Dolphins Jarvis Landry Nike Aqua Limited Jersey
Youth Miami Dolphins Jarvis Landry Nike Aqua Limited Jersey

Miami Dolphins Jerseys As Miami Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry was preparing for the Pro Bowl in Orlando on Wednesday afternoon, team management at the Senior Bowl was saying talks for a discussion have yet to begun.

This is not cause for alarm. Yet.

The Dolphins want Landry in the fold for the long-term. They recognize his value to the team. They understand what he means to his teammates and to the fan base, which adores him.

What some agents at the Senior Bowl were predicting about the pending Landry negotiation was interesting.

Complicated. Delicate. Perhaps difficult.

Because of how Landry likely Cheap Jerseys perceives himself — in the same stratosphere as Pro Bowlers A.J. Green ($15 million/year), Julio Jones ($14.2 million), Dez Bryant ($14 million), and Demaryius Thomas ($14 million).

The club may view a fair deal for Landry more in the range of Pro Bowler Doug Baldwin ($11.5 million).

The web site calculates Landry’s market value at $12.5 million/year, suggesting fairly comparable players as Baldwin, T.Y. Hilton ($13 million), Keenan Allen ($11.25 million) and Marvin Jones ($8 million).

Perhaps $12 million a year will be the eventual landing spot on a deal both player and club would like done.

As for why discussions with
Cheap nfl Jerseys Landry’s representative have not yet occurred, Dolphins general manager Chris Grier said Wednesday: “Again, just making sure we evaluate our roster right and then we’ll worry about the guys right now with the immediate free agents and then we’ll start working towards the guys that are still under contract.”

Miami is going to work to secure deals for unrestricted free agent wide receiver Kenny Stills and defensive end Andre Branch first. Both players were key contributors in 2016, but there is a delicate balance.

Recognizing the importance of keeping your own. But not over-extending to do so.

“We want to keep our own,” Dolphins executive Mike Tannenbaum said. “We’re never going to bat 1,000. The system just is not set up for it. We’ve been able to extend some players before I started – some like Mike Pouncey or Ryan Tannehill we were able to do – but candidly, Customized Jerseys you can’t keep them all. We understand that and acknowledge that. We’ve studied it hard and we try to come up with offers that are fair, but knowing that – as Chris (Grier) just said – these guys earned the right (to be free agents) and some are going to do extremely well in free agency and we totally understand that…”

Recently on Instagram, Landry created a post that included the phrase “I feed my family with this don’t play with my money this year I’m serious..”

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Youth New England Patriots Tom Brady Nike White Super Bowl LI Bound Game Jersey

Youth New England Patriots Tom Brady Nike White Super Bowl LI Bound Game Jersey
Youth New England Patriots Tom Brady Nike White Super Bowl LI Bound Game Jersey

New England Patriots Jerseys Father Time waits for no one in the NFL, but Tom Brady is doing a pretty decent job of making him sit out front in his Uber, tapping his watch. At 39 years old, Brady just completed one of his more impressive seasons, only limited in volume by a four-game suspension for the Deflategate scandal.
Brady is set to begin negotiating a new contract with the Patriots at some point and firmly believes he can play into his mid-40s, an unfathomable age range for an NFL quarterback and somehow a totally believable goal for Brady considering how he’s played in recent years. He knows the answers to the test before he sits down.
The Patriots may or may not end up trading backup Jimmy Garoppolo, which sets up an interesting run for the future of the franchise. Everyone is pretty sure Brady, with his psychotic training regimen and late-life nutritional methodology, will play for a long time and Cheap Jerseys spend his entire career for the Patriots.
In a wide-ranging pair of interviews with Peter King of, Brady said that’s exactly what he wants, but that he also understands great players in football have oftentimes ended up playing for other teams.
“I don’t ever want to play for another coach. I don’t want to play for another owner,” Brady said. “But this is professional sports. I’ve seen Cheap nfl Jerseys some of the best players I’ve ever played with on other teams. I’ve seen Jerry Rice play for the Raiders, Joe Montana play for the Chiefs, Brett Favre play for a lot of teams. You never know. That’s why I want to keep taking care of what I need to take care of. That’s what it comes down to.
“I want to take care of Tom Brady. I want to make sure Tom is available to the team, Tom is playing at a high level, so the team wants to keep him.”
The difference in those guys, at least relative to Brady right now, is that things broke down a bit. Montana missed all of 1991 and most of 1992 with an elbow injury and Steve Young emerged, so the 49ers dealt Montana to the Chiefs. Favre was excellent in 2007, but the Packers fell short of a Super Bowl and he walked away, after plenty of speculation, to let Aaron Rodgers take over. He would promptly waffle back and forth on retirement, ultimately spending another three years in the NFL.
But even Favre was 40 when he left — Brady isn’t even close to walking away. It would be a stunning upset if he ended up playing for any team other than the Patriots, considering what he’s done for the franchise, what they feel he can do for the franchise and how well he’s continuing to take care of his body.
Nothing is
Customized Jerseys guaranteed in the NFL, however, as the three Hall of Fame players Brady mentioned can attest.

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Mens Pittsburgh Steelers Troy Polamalu Nike White Elite Jersey

 Mens Pittsburgh Steelers Troy Polamalu Nike White Elite Jersey
Mens Pittsburgh Steelers Troy Polamalu Nike White Elite Jersey

Pittsburgh Steelers Jerseys At the end of the 1990s, the Pro Football Hall of Fame Selection Committee chose 11 players on offense and 11 players on defense for the All-Decade team. Of those 22 players, 19 are now in the Hall of Fame and two have been Hall of Fame finalists.

And then there’s LeRoy Butler.

Butler, the former Packers safety, has never even made the list of 15 finalists. He finds that hard to understand, given his 38 interceptions, 20.5 sacks, four All-Pro selections and status as one of the most important players on a Super Bowl-winning team.

“If they go by numbers, then I think it’s a slam-dunk I’ll be in,” Butler told the Packers’ website. “If they go by the guy who really started this Cheap Jerseys safety blitzing and covering, and stuff like that, I know it will take care of itself and I’ll eventually get in. I just don’t know what they go by.”

Unfortunately for Butler, he looks like a long shot at the moment. He’s been eligible for 10 years and hasn’t even made the final 15 yet, and there Cheap nfl Jerseys are two other safeties — Brian Dawkins and John Lynch — who have been finalists and appear to be ahead of him in the mind of the members of the Selection Committee. And it’s only going to get harder for safeties to get in when Troy Polamalu and Ed Reed become Hall of Fame eligible.

“I guess I was more frustrated when I was first eligible because I was like they’re not going to put in a safety first ballot so next year should be my year,” Butler said. “When it didn’t happen, I said, ‘OK, this is one of those things that are drawn out. It may take some time so I just have to have peace with it.’”

That leaves Butler hoping that he’ll make it as a veteran candidate some day, as former Seahawks safety Kenny Easley did this year.

“I thought that was Customized Jerseys big,” said Butler of Easley. “I was glad to see a safety get in.”

Packers fans will be glad to see Butler get in, even though they’re probably going to have to wait a long time.

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Mens Houston Texans Brian Cushing Nike Navy Blue Game Jersey

Mens Houston Texans Brian Cushing Nike Navy Blue Game Jersey
Mens Houston Texans Brian Cushing Nike Navy Blue Game Jersey

Houston Texans Jerseys For Texans middle linebacker Brian Cushing, lending a hand to military veterans is an especially personal cause.
His grandfather and uncle served in the military and his father served in Vietnam.
So, Cushing has devoted his time and the resources of his his charitable foundation to helping area veterans and their families. He’s holding his second annual Texans and T-Bones event at The Bell Tower on Oct. 17 when Cushing and his teammates will mingle with over 250 guests at a cocktail reception, dinner and silent auction.
“It’s something that has kind of Cheap Jerseys been in my family for a while,” Cushing said. “It’s something that I’ve been very familiar and close to growing up, and when it was time for me to decide on a foundation it was kind of a no-brainer for me.”
Cushing went on a USO tour this offseason in Kuwait and Germany.
“It’s a special time,” Cushing said. “To talk to the active military was incredible. To see their kind of mind, their perspective right now and where they’re at mentally, just knowing that, really, they’re the next guys called up if they have to go anywhere, into Iraq, Syria, anywhere like that.
“Just to be there
Cheap nfl Jerseys kind of in their camps when they’re one step away from the front line, just talk to them mentally and see how strong and tough they are, it’s obviously a blessing and something cool for me.”
Cushing commented on the decision of San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick to kneel during the national anthem as a protest against racial injustice and the deaths of unarmed black men at the hands of police officers.
“When it first came out, it kind of was very abrupt and no one really understood what the whole cause was about it and why Colin was doing what he was doing,” Cushing said. “I’m not really going to get into the whole thing, but I think he has clarified himself and separated really what his main cause was, and it wasn’t anything against the flag or the military or anything like that.
“That’s been pretty cleared up. As far as the other stuff, I think there’s a lot of things still being discussed and separated and really Customized Jerseys trying to understand the frustrations of everyone right now.”

The Brian Cushing Foundation’s mission is to “serve and honor the men and women who protect our country by providing resources and experiences to Houston area veterans and their families.”

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Youth Dallas Cowboys Sean Lee Nike Navy Blue Game Jersey

 Youth Dallas Cowboys Sean Lee Nike Navy Blue Game Jersey
Youth Dallas Cowboys Sean Lee Nike Navy Blue Game Jersey

Dallas Cowboys Jerseys Dallas Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee enjoyed another outstanding NFL season and was rightfully named to his second Pro Bowl as an injury replacement, playing this weekend with the Cowboys coaching staff and six of his fellow teammates.

But Lee, who recently Cheap Jerseys completed his seventh year with the Sliver and Blue, said he was using this week as both recreation and recovery. His wife and family were coming to Orlando to do the full Walt Disney World experience while Lee is using his final NFL football game next season as recovery from the Cowboys sudden and sad end to the 2016 playoffs.

“This gets us out of a hole,” Lee explained after a brief practice at the Disney ESPN Wide World of Sports facility. “The last 10 days have been pretty tough for us. We had a great season, but we didn’t accomplish what we set out to do, win a championship.

“We thought we had a pretty good chance this year, but it didn’t happen, so that’s been hard.”

Equally hard was that the Green Bay Packers, who kicked the Cowboys out of the playoffs at AT&T Stadium with a final-second field goal, were defeated last week by the Atlanta Falcons. So when Lee returns home next weekend, not only will he not be involved in the Super Bowl in Houston, neither will the Packers. That’s why Disney and Universal Studios are as much a part of Lee’s game-week preparations as the extensive film study he would usually be doing before Sunday’s game at Camping World Stadium.

“They’re pretty excited about Disney, that’s for sure, but I’m looking forward to the game as well,” Lee said. “It will be one more chance get out with
Cheap nfl Jerseys the coaches and our players this year. There are some guys I have looked up to for a long time in this year and to finally have a chance to play with them is pretty great. It gives me somebody I can continue to pattern myself after.”

Because the Cowboys got beat in the divisional round two weeks ago, the Dallas coaching staff was selected to coach the NFC team while the Kansas City Chiefs staff is manning the AFC squad.

“I know what [defensive coordinator] coach [Rod] Marinelli expects and he doesn’t want to take any games off, any days off, any plays off,” Lee said. “It will be good to play one more game.”

This year Lee earned his All-Pro honors for the first time after compiling 152 total tackles from his starting linebacker spot with one fumble recovery. But more importantly to himself and the legion of Cowboys fans, he was able to stay healthy during the 2016 campaign after missing Customized Jerseys parts of the last several seasons. He did miss one game’s worth of action, but it was not due to an injury of any sort. It was the fact that the Cowboys clinched the NFC East title early this year, which allowed Lee to sit out the meaningless regular-season finale at Philadelphia.

“Going into the season I thought we had a good plan with the trainers and the coaches,” Lee said. “It came together nicely with the season unfolding and as you know some of that is out of our control as well.’

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